5 Year Old Discusses The Fabulousness of Leia’s Slave Outfit

Let’s face it.  The Leia slave costume is a bit awkward.  Jabba the Hutt captures THE Princess Leia and tricks her out in a bikini.  He then makes her watch as he slobbers down some frog slime and various grossness.  I mean, really?  This is a portion of the beloved Star Wars movies that just reek of sexism and fetishism, and who knows what-ism.  Its weird.

But then came the @BrothersMcLeod five days ago and his animation genius after having this truly enlightened conversation with his 5 year old daughter discussing the utter brilliance and fabulousness of Leia’s slave outfit. Want to let Mr. McLeod know he’s awesome?

Check him out at:

Dad: “But you wouldn’t want to be a slave, right?”

Daughter: “No. I will just escape and keep wearing that. Because it looks really nice.”


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