Christine McConnell Devious Photography

christinemcconnell1Christine McConnell Devious Photography

So, the internet went crazy for Christine McConnell this week when she pushed out photos of herself in the style of 7 generations of women in her family.  They are really good mind you.  And if you are really intrigued you can read the story here.  It really is an amazing tribute to her past generations in her family.  Each photo is lovingly reproduced with herself alongside the original.  Definitely blow up worthy.

But when I was wandering through the photos on Flickr I was more impressed by many of the other photos Christine had come up with.  There are several she did placing her self in awesome 80’s movies like Weird Science, Ghostbusters, etc.  If you are more interested in those, you can see them here.  But my favorite photoshoot she did was a totally different type of an arrangement she devised.  And by devised, I literally mean devised.  Its clever.  Its genre-jarring.  Its upside down and all kinds of backwards.  Its fantastic.  And these photos are a little more gruesome and risqué than I normally post, but take a deep breath, and we’ll all survive them together… maybe.