Everything everything and everything review

Everything everything and everything review

So, a few days ago I posted about how cruel this world was that there was a clever movie in existence, with Shane Carruth in the lead, and I had no access to it. I told you what I was able to dredge up on the Internet about the flick and about the storyline. But it wasn’t much because there was only a few people that had ever seen the rim at a couple avant-garde Canadian film festivals.

I then went on to tell you about how I was certain that all of Hollywood was going to find me and bury me in cement next to Hoffa. I sent a number of emails off into the either with completely insane subject lines, like, “FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY…” I kid you not. I totally did. And you know what? Sometimes being a total pain in the ass works. Because Alberto Roldán totally wrote me in response to said subject line. Hahah. He did. And he said this…

“Hey Taylor,
Glad you’re excited for our film. You know, we’ll be having a public online rollout sometime – not 100% sure when. But if you’d like, in the meanwhile, here’s a private vimeo link (which I’ll ask you not to make public).

eee still 1

Do you remember at school when you learned that it’s possible to write companies and ask them for swag? Or to comment on their products and sometimes they will blow your mind by writing back and sending you real products to boot? Do you recall this day at school? Or am I the only one? Regardless, today is the day that I big envelope of Oakley sunglasses just arrived on my doorstep. Now, granted it totally sucks to be you because I know how you feel. As I read Alerbto’s email for the first time, when I hit the part where he said “not 100% when” I literally considered driving to the nearest precipice and then flinging myself to my death. Until I hit the “in the meanwhile” bit, which you could care less about. Because I wouldn’t if I were you.

I can’t wait to do a in depth discussion about the movie once it is available for everyone to watch.  There are just a ton of questions out there still running around in my head after watching it three times now.  How?  What?  Oh.  I see what you did there.  No wait, what?  AHHHH.  I think.  Or maybe?  I had a ton of simultaneous thoughts going through my head after the first viewing.  And many of them are still percolating after more time to think and watch.  But its a great little film regardless.

It says a ton about life, and being human.  It speaks to man’s tendency to abuse the holy in our lives, and to harness it all ultimately for really shallow purposes. This write up really puts it the most succinctly, which I snagged from the movie’s marketing site.