Short Film Find Isolated

ISOLATED from Peak Pictures on Vimeo.

Short Film Find Isolated

Another Friday, and another Short Film Find.  This week is a short brought to us by Peak Pictures.  This is definitely an innovative short film in that it is some of the best CG animation I’ve ever seen.  Just some amazing scenes to feast your eyes on here.  And even though the story is short, it is a fully encapsulated and robust idea. The film has only been out about a week, but it has already been selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick – Kudos guys!

Our protagonist, Evan, awakes in a crashed taxi to an empty city.  As he begins to investigate his environs he realizes he is not alone, and its the worst kind of not alone imaginable.  Evan begins trying to figure out the pieces of the puzzle, while dealing with a dangerous threat.  And not only that, he learns that he played a large part in this larger tableaux…

The short was written by Manuel Vergara and Tomas Vergara.  Tomas directed the film and was kind enough to answer a few of my clueless questions about his amazing movie.

TH – You obviously put a ton of effort and hours into creating this gorgeous (and chilling) movie, how did you come up with an idea that was good enough to warrant so much effort?

TV – We think it’s all about the story. We honed it until we thought it was good enough. Then we figured out how to make it, and cgi was the shortest path.

TH – Is this a stand alone idea? Or do you have have hopes to get funding for full feature length funding?

TV – We’re still figuring that out. Too early for that, but we’ll see what happens.

TH – The CG was crazy good in this movie. There were numerous moments that had me rewinding and watching over and over again. It was startlingly good. Like the taxi squealing to a stop? Fantastic. Do you have a feel for the number of man hours involved? Or better yet? CPU Cycles! hahah.

TV – Like 5 months render within 15 machines

TH – Have you shown the film at many festivals? And what are the pros and cons of running the festival gauntlet?

TV – Nope, the internet is our first festival. We launched on monday to see what happens. Festivals remain a mistery.

TH – Really appreciate your taking a look at the questions and getting back to me. You guys really did do a fantastic job with the film. I loved it.

TV – Thanks to you, Taylor. It’s so cool that you appreciated the film for what it is, and not for what people want it to be. Hope this helps!

I really am trying to figure out why some people push the film festival route, and others do not.  Eventually I’ll figure this out!  Hahah.  But regardless, this movie has already blown the doors off the quantity of views any festival could have provided.  That is for sure.