I just saw this awesome interactive graphic over at and I had to share it with you here. Go ahead. Fill in the thing. I’ll wait.

Done? Good. So, I’m betting you are probably in the top 20% to probably close to the top 1% if you are reading this blog. Oh, maybe you are just scratching over the 50% mark, and you pissing and moaning at me because “You Aren’t Rich.” But let me put this little infographic in perspective for you. Let’s just say that you barely scratched the 50% mark of this graph. What is that – you probably need to make something like $27k? $28k?

On the world scale… if you make $28k a year – you might as well be the Queen of Sheba. Don’t believe me? Head on over to here and try it out and let me know how you fair. No? I’ll do it for you. If you make $28,000 a year this is what you’ll see – compared to the rest of the world you are in the top 1.48% from an income standpoint.


What is really the most amazing bit here is the fact that you are the 88 millionth richest person.  At 28k a year.  There are what, 6, 7 billion people?  And you are the 88 millionth richest?  Amazing.

So, head back up to the calculator, and when you see it start at the dump of a house, realize… that starting point isn’t even starting close to the bottom.  Nowhere near it.  You could live in Malaysia and make less than $2 a day.  $700 a year?  So when you find yourself whining about only being in the upper 50% of the 1st world’s richest, realize what that actually means.

Now that your mind is blown… give.  Might I suggest a sponsorship with a fantastic organization like Compassion International? My family and I sponsor 4… and wish we could sponsor more.  And with Compassion, you could even go and visit your sponsored child if you wanted.  Talk about a change of perspective.  It will blow your mind to see where some of these kids live.