Beautiful Romeo and Juliet Infographic of Connections

Beautiful Romeo and Juliet Infographic of Connections

I’ve just realized that there are too many brilliant people in the world creating too many amazing works. Too many? Well, wall space is finite. Art is infinite. Money is finite. Art is infinite. Right? Ok, so I’m kvetching too much. All that to say, here I’ve found another gorgeous piece of design work that I adore. Will you? No idea. Sort of depends.

I guess it mainly depends on whether you dig Shakespeare. I personally adore Shakespeare. The poetry, the insults, the tragedies, the comedies, the conspiracy theories, all of it.  Can you find a single more important literary figure that has influenced more of how we write, think, dream, than Shakespeare?  I dare you to even try.

Anyway – that brings me to this poster (Can I even call it a poster when it costs €160?!?) by the design studio Beetroot.  It’s a simple but powerful idea.  Place the entirety of the book Romeo and Juliet onto a single page.  Then, link every single instance of the name Romeo or Juliet to each other and the next thing you know, you have over 55,000 connections in blood red spilling out over the page.

You can buy the poster on Mangel-Wurzel online store, but if you do… be very very careful you keep it from me.  Because I will sneak into your room in the dead of night and slip you a potion to render you inert, which will unravel a series of unfortunate events in your life that you will ultimately never recover from.  But most importantly I will away with your poster.

Ok.  That was over the top.  My bad.