New Interstellar Text Twine Game

New Interstellar Text Twine Game
Yesterday I finally got off my butt and published my long overdue Interstellar movie review. Yeah, I know. It came out a forever ago. Read about my cathartic adventure attempting wrap my brain around that movie over here. But putting all that aside… I have word for you of a truly great Interstellar Text adventure game. Do you even remember what ASCII art is? If your answer is no, then you are 25 or younger and you have zero idea what Zork is. And that basically means there is a portion of your brain that is currently dead and in need of rapid education.

I’ve talked about Twine before – which is a fantastic interface for creating choose your own adventure (CYOA) stories.  Actually I haven’t told you guys about Twine yet.  hahah.  But I have a sweet draft started in which I HOPED to tell you about it anyway. I was mid-flow in creating you a custom story to show you how it worked, when my ideas got too big for their britches.  Anyway, you can learn more about Twine here.  Maybe I will tell you my story at another date.  Who knows.


Your goal in the game is to deploy 4 pods onto various planets successfully. Which basically happens in the movie before the movie even starts. The interface doesn’t bog down in the the terrible chaos of “WHAT DO I TYPE HERE” in that it’s help system is very clever. Still, ‘help’ will become your close friend as you move along. And lest you think you are impervious to death like Cooper was, your first 10 minutes will fix that poor assumption. To quote the Emperor, “You, Will, Die.” The Interstellar game can be found out here. You probably should head out there now before Nolan’s corporate lawyers catch wind of the game.

Regardless, its a brilliant spin on a classic gaming platform.  And heck… it may even be more logical than the movie!  hahah.