Dark Echo iOS Game Review

Dark Echo iOS Game Review

Hitchcock was famous, not for what he put on the screen, but for what he didn’t. He knew full well that as humans, we are capable of amazing things when give just a few ominous details.  It’s something we as a culture have completely forgotten.  From our movies, to our books, to our pornography, our food industry, to our games all the way out to our modern myths.  We have zero idea of what restraint even is.  None.  Oh, and I want it all now.  But with Dark Echo we see a single game pushing back against the tide of this trend.

When I first heard of the game I was subtly amused and thought it a clever conceit when it comes to gaming. And then I played…

So the game works simply enough. When the game starts the only thing you are able to see are your feet. By pressing on one side of the screen or another you are able move your feet around in any direction you want.  And with each step you create sound waves, which ricochet and bounce around the enclosed space.  The sound waves bouncing around then gives you an indication of the shape of the space you are in.  You are also able to tap the screen to send a sound burst… the longer you hold it the louder and further the sound travels when you finally release.

The first thing I have to say is, don’t even try playing this game without headphones.  And at first I played with my standard iPhone earbuds.  The sound was really good and haunting.  But when I switched out to my Bose over-ear headphones it was only then that I could really see.  It’s the first time I’ve had any indication of what it might be like to be blind… and to navigate space solely by sound. It was amazing.

And then the game got really really scary.  Hahaha.


It is just phenomenal what kind of fear can be created simply by a black screen, and out of this world sound design. The mood of the game goes from, huh, I wonder where the door is. To, um, what was that? Very quickly and it only ramps up from there. And then the next thing you know you are blindly running into the darkness to get away.  It is a truly visceral experience. One that I highly highly recommend.

And you know what… I think the game is normally $1.99, but I think for the next couple days it is free. Yes, you are welcome. Definitely pick it up and let me know what you think of it.