Twin Strangers Randomness and Erata

Twin Strangers Randomness and Erata
So here is the setup. Three friends (who couldn’t look any more different) decide to go find random strangers that look like them. They have 30 days to achieve this feat. Here’s the youtube video explaining the setup…

And here is the explanation on their website

“We’re three friends (Harry, Niamh and Terence) who have set ourselves a pretty unusual challenge: to see if we can find our Twin Stranger or lookalike from anywhere in the world.

“Whoever finds the closest match wins the competition but they only have ONE MONTH to do it! Do you look any of us? Do you know anyone who looks like us?! Upload your photos or share this page with your friends to help us find our perfect Twin Stranger!

“UK broadcaster Channel 4 are currently working with the creators of this project Vision Independent Productions to develop a show based on Twin Strangers.”

See! It’s such a good idea that the Beeb channel four is developing a show based on the idea. Seems like gold to me. I mean, I wouldn’t watch it, but I’m interested in the results. Anyway, here is Niamh’s twin already at twenty days in.

So I figured heck – I’m going to try it! Do you look like me? (I’m sorry if you do.) But if so, give me a shout! And then I can go join the show in the UK and keep you in my back pocket… and then BLAM! Win. See what I did there? hahah.