Future Hero Short Movie Time Travel Hilariousness

Some sci-fi shorts come heavy with the technology. Others bring the intensity of the writing. Many will emphasize the character while others push hard on the writing. Ramin Serry does none of the above. He instead wrote a hilarious look at the hapless father of a baby that ruins his son’s life accidentally through the taking of a single nap. But the baby arrives from the future to intervene on his own behalf to kill a cyborg intent on killing himself. And thus our father hero is born.

I really adore everything about this movie. The second chance the father is given to interact on his son’s behalf being the biggest reason I love this short. But I also love the little quips and the jokes along the way. Really quite funny in the way it makes fun of time travel movies and the conundrums they pose without any casting a critical eye their way at all. Very great stuff here. Love it. I have word out to Ramin to ask for an interview. Hopefully he’ll have time for a quick couple of questions. We shall see! Until then:

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