Become an iOS Lifeline For Stranded Astronaut Via Lifeline

Become an iOS Lifeline For Stranded Astronaut Via Lifeline

Somehow a crashed astronaut on a far off planet has found you and your cell phone – and you are his only hope. That is the concept behind the new number one paid game on the iPhone Store. The game was made for the new Apple Watch, but it is playable both on the iPhone and the iPad as well. The game spools itself out in a rapid fire staccato of decisions you need to help the Astronaut make. You really are his last hope.

The game begins with the astronaut crash landed on a distant moon somewhere in the solar system. The astronaut has no food. No water. Nothing. And they are afraid and need help. You are the only possible help they have. The game plays out via a system of text like messages between you and the astronaut that all happen in real time.  If the Astronaut is heading out towards a peak over that way about an hour’s hike? Well, then, you won’t hear from them for an hour or so. The lag adds credibility to the game that wouldn’t have been there otherwise seeing as though there are no graphics. There is no immersive 3D environment. There is really nothing but you, and the astronaut trying to negotiate out of this crazy jam.

I have just finished playing through the game (took about three days of quick responses, as opposed to allowing the game to wait for you.)  And the game is infectiously interesting. In between plays I found myself filling in the gaps that the game had left me with. ‘Oh, they are about half way now.’  I would incessantly check back in to make sure I hadn’t missed anything from my stranded partner. The game was initially built in Twine – which I’ve talked about before. But the truly revolutionary thing about Lifelink is that the connection between you and this AI being – is so legit. So life like. It really allows your brain to fill in the gaps that the graphics would have ruined for you.


I can imagine that the game would be even better on an Apple Watch seeing as though the interface would be even more sparse still. I personally have been thinking about a similar game idea over the past couple months with a unique twist to it. Don’t think i’ll say more than that as I am still hopeful to pull it off still. I’ve even started coding a very barebones alpha version of it here on this site somewhere. haha. If you are interested in alpha-testing random bits and pieces as they are stood up and are beginning to get cobbled together please get in touch with me here.

But I just love this idea of telling immersive stories this way, utilizing these new mediums of communications to roll them out in unique non-standard ways. Check out the trailer to Lifeline here. I promise you that you’ll enjoy this game if you give it a shot. Really a good little game experience.