Lila and Valentin New Short Movie

Lila and Valentin New Short Movie

I absolutely know nothing about this movie besides its name (Lila et Valentin) and what is shown in the trailer below. Besides that, nothing because everything is in French. If you know French I would love some help understanding a number of interviews Adrien Lhommedieu gave about his movie. Curse my mortal body for not knowing and understanding everything!

And yet, I’m dying to get my hands on this short movie. The only reason I even know its a short at all is because of the IMDB page. Oooh Oooh Ooh! The movie has its own website! (Yeah, this is an awful post that is getting written in real time… deal with it.) Here is the synopsis of the movie as described on the film site.

After a serious car accident, Lila is in a coma. To save her, Valentin has only one choice: he has to connect to her mind thanks to a scientific, yet uncertain procedure. He will be assisted by a medical team that will carry out this experience for the first time. The world of thoughts is unstable and unreal. Hidden in Lila’s memories, fears and traumas, Valentin has to find her conscience as if he was in a labyrinth.

So basically we have a love story in the form of Flatliners, Inception and What Dreams May Come, it looks like. Lila is hunted down in her mind by Valentin in an attempt to haul her physically out of her labyrinth of her mind. Awesome. Here’s the trailer.

Hopefully I will learn more about this movie as soon as physically possible!  hahah.  And yup, this post is really happening in real time because now, a half hour after starting this stream of consciousness post I’ve learned new things that I am not even allowed to tell you? How does this happen?

Anyway, apparently the debut of this film will happen in June. June 15th I do believe. If you are clever, and reverse engineer this date a bit I’m sure you could even figure out what this might mean on your own. But again, I’m sworn to secrecy all of a sudden. Not only that, but I’ve quite literally been invited to join Adrien Lhommedieu for the premier? Hahaha. Im not kidding. So strange.  Anyway, this short looks really fantastic.

Seeing as though I didn’t even know the film even existed an hour ago, I’m sure I’ll have more developments soon enough!  Hahah. Just give me another half hour!  (Update) – Yup. And now I’ve seen the film. Hahaha. And it would seem that Adrien and I will have a piece out about his short in the next day or two I would imagine. Man, sometimes I just love the interwebs and all the amazing things that are so easily possible.  The connections, the introductions… the insights and the speed at which conversation is possible.