Shane Carruth Short Film Finally Released

Shane Carruth Short Film Finally Released

A WHILE ago now I caught wind that there was a new short film featuring Carruth. I heard that it was a Sci-Fi head twister and it had Carruth in it. I also heard that while it wasn’t written or directed by Carruth… it had Carruth in it. Have I mentioned that it had Carruth in it yet?

But way back then, there was only a short trailer out for the film… and that was that. It had been shown at a film festival or two, but outside of that no one had seen it yet. I even found the director of the movie, Alberto Roldán, and basically accosted him into releasing the movie. I literally shook him via email… if there was a SHAKE THE READER button, I pressed it. And here’s what he said:

eee still 1“Hey Taylor,
Glad you’re excited for our film. You know, we’ll be having a public online rollout sometime – not 100% sure when.

But if you’d like, in the meanwhile, here’s a private vimeo link (which I’ll ask you not to make public).”

Which was great for me. Allowed me to watch the movie personally… but as I’m a man of my word (normally anyway! hahah.) I didn’t release the film here. Though I really wanted to. So you can see my full review of Everything, Everything and Everything here.  I don’t think I’ve ever done a long form review of a short before. But this one definitely warrants it in that there is so much going on here.  I love this quote from Alberto talking about what the movie is all about…

“The film is about our endless quest for more. This character has a void in his life—obviously at the beginning of the film he’s missing something profound—and the pyramid fulfills that, somehow. But our man keeps asking for more—Why can’t I make a little money on the side? Why shouldn’t I hire a few additional workers? Capitalism has this way of consuming everything around it, including our peace of mind.”


So if you dig the short you should definitely swing over there and check it out and lend your voice.  Regardless, you didn’t come to hear me blab. You came to see the short I’m sure. Which, by the way, has Carruth in it. Which, I don’t think I mentioned that already. And if you don’t know Carruth, just go. Go now. Leave. Don’t come back. Thanks for that.


Man I love everything about this little film. Found this fantastic dialogue? write up? something out at the films production website. I adore it. Just great writing and it gets to the heart of Everything, Everything and Everything. Just beautiful. Tell me you love this thing even half as much as I do! So glad its finally been released.