300 Post Streak – What To Post Now

300 Post Streak – What To Post Now
Alright – I think I’ve posted 300 posts in a row. I’m not 100% sure here – if someone wants access in order to do a count, I’m more than happy to let you wade through the posts and come up with something more definitive than what I’ve got. Regardless… here’s what I think I’ve done.

Around the beginning of September of 2014, I decided to test and see what the SEO goodness would be if I began posting once a day for a month. So I did that – and right at the 30 day mark my numbers went crazy. Think like 500 to a thousand visitors a day. I kid you not, they literally doubled. So I thought, that’s got to be a fluke. So I kept going 2 months, the trend continued – and even quadrupled on the weekends. And so I continued and continued and continued. Just kept rolling crap content posts after more crap content posts all in the mindless pursuit of numbers.

I jest. Calm the heck down. I have actually been writing exponentially better content as well… take for example all the interviews I’ve done with authors, writers, directors, etc. I hadn’t done a single post like that until I started this 300 posts in a row run. I’ve also started doing my biblionomicron series as well during that run. I was glad that I’d ended my completely out of control books to read series, because it to hundreds and hundreds of hours of reading in order to find just a handful of books worth reading or recommending rather. And I’ve also done many different in depth movie reviews as well. Those will always happen. So I’ve had fun with the content. I really have.

So, the beginning of September to now is something like 300 total posts. But the nice thing has been, I would get way ahead. 2 to 3 weeks ahead. Content was just coming out of my ears. Constantly. New movies, new videos, new short films, new everythings abounded. But you know what? As I post this, it will mean that my reserve is completely gone. Done. I’m out of ideas. Nothing. Three hundred is a lot of ideas and a lot of words. And its been a fun run – but what the heck should I write about now? Come on. I need you to help me out here. This isn’t a rhetorical question. I recently even wrote a couple of posts for another blog because I had so many ideas brimming. But now? Nope.

Yeah, so, do me a huge favor and throw out some ideas below would ya? What would you like me to write about. BETTER YET… give me terrible awful challenges of things to write about and I’ll see if I CAN write about them. hahah. Whatever. Just give me ideas. Ok?! Great. Thanks for that.

I mean – don’t you want me to hit a year straight? Only 65 more days! For the love of all…