2nd Annual Christmas Gifts for Geeks

2nd Annual Christmast Gifts for Geeks
Hahaha, I never do anything annually. On this blog, I don’t plan. On this blog I am constantly winging it. Check that… I’m constantly winging my winging it. It is so wung that I’m surprise this blog even exists. But here I am… doing a second annual something… and I’m laughing it’s so funny to me. Anyway, the cool thing about this list is that it is even more ultra than last year’s list.

Anyway – here is the new list of Christmas gifts for geeks for 2015. I’m really really hoping that my own loved ones (including you readers out there!!) pay attention to this list! That is for sure. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas… early.

gift1-usb-typewriter USB Typewriter Keyboard – $799
Second year of geek gifts and already I think I’ve found the best geek gift … OF ALL TIME. See? Get it? Because this geek gift is OUT OF TIME. It is a old old school typewriter that connects to your computer, or iPad, etc. Voila, you are über. And über is what geeks are all about. Trust me. I know.
gift2-easy-kit-5_grande USB Typewriter Keyboard Kit– $99 / $149
Previous uberness too much for you? Yeah, me too. But what about a hundred dollar option? This is a kit that will let you convert an old typewriter you have laying around into your very own USB keyboard solution. There is even a bluetooth version for 150. See? I’m looking out for you guys out there. What’s better than a since of accomplishment AND $700 off? Yes, you are welcome.
gift3-juggernog Call of Duty Jugernog Edition – $199
Call of Duty is the Geek’s number one video game franchise of all time. Like World War 2 action? COD2. Like futuristic hostilities? Modern Warfare. And if you are into cold beverages while playing??!? The Call of Duty 3 Jugernog version is the one for you. Because this one? This one goes to eleven and includes a small mini-fridge along with an awesome assortment of goodness. (By the way, everyone is sold out right now, save Target. GoTARGET!!)
gift4-tony-stark Tony Shark T-Shirt – $29.99
Subtle geeks are not. Nor is this Tony Stark t-shirt. This Arc-reactor is powered by three rechargable AAA batteries power the Arc Reactor for 12 hours. After that, it gets more awesome. The Arc Reactor begins to pulse on and off giving like it’s running out of power, guaranteed to be a blast at crowded Christmas parties and get-togethers. Share your geekiness all the time. Super Bowl parties? Church? Check. Bed? Triple Check!
gift5-godzilla Godzilla Flashback Mug – $75 – $100
I was looking through some hundred year old photos and was like, hrm. I wander how it would look if Godzilla showed up. And now I know. You can purchase this print as a mug or print… heck, Society 6 even has rugs! haha. A definite must have for Godzilla fans everywhere.
gift6-zombie-plant Zombie Plants – $12.99
The nerdy botanist in your family may enjoy this gift, which bills itself as “the plant that plays dead when you touch it and then comes back to life!” Also known as the sensitive plant, sleepy plant or touch-me-not, the Mimosa pudicacloses its leaves when touched or shaken.Growing this plant is as simple as just adding water; the peat pellets will expand to form both pot and soil. Zombie plant or not, do not by me a plant. You will need to be descriminating when deciding to purchase this one…
gift7-flux-capacitor Cigarette Light Flux Capacitor – $24.95
This entry in the 2015 best Geek Christmas Gifts definitely is a sure eye opener for you geeky friend or loved one. Seeing as though we just passed the week that Back to the Future time traveled to everyone will want one of these. This flux capacitor even has two USB charging ports for charging all those geeky gadgets. Back to the Future love AND functional brilliance? Who knew?
gift8-starwars-rings I Love You / I Know Rings – $19.95
Ok, to you male geeks out there hoping to be romantic for your lovely special someone… please just pass. I know, because you are geeks, these rings are drawing you. But just pass. I’m not going to explain why. Just don’t get them. Ok? Good. Now, to you ladies out there… if you want to completely nuke your special someone? Yup, this will work. If you can stomach it that is. 
gift9-pajamas I Love You / I know Pajamas – $25
Previous item not full tilt enough for you? Welp, I’m here for you. This time, in honor of Star Wars Ep. 7,  we have the I Love you / I Know pajamas. Guys, please read the previous warning… this goes even more so for this item. Ladies? Feel free to wrap these up for your guy, and when he opens them, I promise you, he won’t be disappointed that they are actually for you. Promise.
gift10-pyro Pyro – $174
Oh this? This is nothing. Just a tool to let you fire flaming balls from the palms of your hands. This plus my juggling torches will guarantee that my neighbor is turned to cinders. Ok, so I should pass. But that doesn’t mean you should…this is awesomeness.
gift11-moon-tshirt Detailed Lunar Surface T-Shirt – $22
This is a detailed topographic map of the face of the moon that I pulled together from NASA and colorized it for better detail and viewing. It is an American Apparel Fine Jersey T-shirt, that is made with 100% fine jersey cotton combed for softness and comfort. Plus all proceeds keep THinc. running. Bonus!
gift12-firepit Lord of the Rings Fire Pit– $500
Ok, so this seems a bit expensive. But hey, what do I know. For you über Lord of the Rings fans who need a backyard fire pit… with the inscription from the ring on it… this is for you.

Portal 2 Aperture Labs Messenger Bag – $200
See, now you’ve done it. Last year? $60. This year, because you chose to be lazy, and to not buy me one when the price was right?? This year the price is $200. Let this be a lesson to you. Geek Chic is in it’s ascendency I tell you. If this bag were a stock it would have grown by over 200%… tell me, can you get more than that out of your Retirement Account? I think not.
 gift12-vest SCOTTeVEST QUEST Vest – $145
42 pockets for ultimate geekery? Check! Eyeglass chamois? Check! RFID blocking pockets? Check! Admit it, you geek spouses out there, you don’t even know what RFID blocking is, or why one would want this. See? It’s perfect for your über-geek. iPad storage? Yup. iPhone storage?  Yup. Serious eighties vest nostalgia? Heck ya. I mean, remember those vests with the sleeves that zippered on and off again? Sooo seriously cool.
gift13-charge-block TYLT Energi 2K Travel Charger – $40
With this smart charger, you have the best of both worlds, i.e., Plug in the wall when convenient, or charge on the go when it’s not. You can fold away the prongs to make carry and travel easy and convenient. The Universal USB Port offers compatibility with all your devices, such as Apple, Samsung, Android or others. It also features a LED battery status indicator which quickly tells you how much juice you have left so you’re never caught without power.
gift15-wallet Royce Freedom Wallet – $99
Lose your wallet? Never again with this brilliant geek-accessory. This high-tech, hand-made leather wallet offers you the freedom of sight, security, and style, all-in-one. It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 technology to track the exact location of your wallet using a high-tech mobile application available on Apple App Store and Android Market. Not to mention, state of the art RFID blocking material. Yup… even more of that stuff you probably have no idea about. See!? You need it.
gift16-greek-storm-trooper Ancient Greek Star Wars Prints – $70-$490
“Travis Durden”, the pseudonymous French artist behind these works should be running for president of France in my humble opinion. Durden is a scholar of antiquities, but adores his Star Wars on the sly… and that shows here in his Historical sculptures that include characters from Star Wars. We have Storm Troopers, Darth Vader, Yoda, it’s the epitome of brilliance in my book. I’m personally still trying to figure out whether Durden utilized CAD, or free-handed each of these designs. Regardless, it’s an inspired idea.
gift17-ringclock Clock Ring – $265
Geeks all remember back in the 80’s when we all purchased our first calculator watch. Because, heck, you’ve got zero geek-cred without having purchased a super lame calculator watch. Right? Welp, in 2015, the modern equivalent is the Clock Ring. I will say this, that they are fairly gorgeously designed. Which is more than I can say about my old Calculator Watch.
gift18-ghostbusters Ghostbusters Phone Case – $250 – $1200
Well, the Ghostbusters are going to be doing more ghostbusting here soon, so, to celebrate,
bookbook iPhone Book Book – $59.99
This simple little wallet will help your geek keep everything in the same place. ID, cash and credit cards on one side, and his iPhone on the other. Oh, and it looks cool too.