2015 Christmas Gifts for Grammar Geeks

I recently released my 2nd Annual 2015 Christmas gifts for geeks and had a lot of fun pulling it together. And while I was out there, scrabbling around the under belly of the internet I happened to start seeing a lot of ideas in the grammar-geek strain of theme. So here is a appended list of gifts for grammar geeks solely…

grammarians-uniteGrammarians Unite! – $22
Sometimes, we grammarians feel alone and out numbered… so I figured, why not design a symbol for all of us to unite under? Thus this t-shirt, which will make a fantastic Christmas gift this year for your über grammar geek friend or loved one.
whom-mug You Had Me At Whom – $15
The “You Had Me At Whom” mug is a witty reminder that grammar, really is hot. Just because social media is rampant with shortcuts and 140 character limitations doesn’t mean we need to all become grammar neanderthals! This mug (or art print, or laptop case, or what have you) comes with a classic typewriter on the reverse side. Great gift for all you gorgeous grammarians out there.
bibliophant-printBibliophant Print – $85
The Bibliophant is the reckoner of all books and literature. This fine art print on bright white, fine poly-cotton blend, and matte canvas. This individually trimmed and hand stretched museum wrap is the perfect addition to your grammar geek’s study.
baking-my-catI Love Baking My Cat – $22
I love baking my cat and leaving out commas. It is really a very dangerous thing to ignore commas. People can lose their lives when we do. Or cats can get inadvertently eaten. And we don’t want that, do we? So pick up this shirt and show your support of good grammar. #commassavelives.
gift5-godzillaGodzilla Flashback Mug – $15 
I was looking through some hundred year old photos and was like, hrm. I wander how it would look if Godzilla showed up. And now I know. This has to be a must win mug for your editorial geek. No? All Grammarians adore Godzilla, don’t they?
grammar-salt-pepper-shakersGrammarians Salt & Pepper Shakers – $59
What grammarian wouldn’t want some pencil salt and pepper shakers for their formal dinner table? I know right? This is a fantastic edition to the word smith in your family that also enjoys the more culinary pursuits as well. Yes, you are welcome for this.
punctuation-cufflinksSmith Corona Cufflinks – $49
Repurposed from a vintage Smith-Corona typewriter, punctuation cufflinks would add a dash of panache to a black-tie ensemble, n’est-ce pas?. I think these cufflinks warrant my breaking back out all my cufflink shirts all over again. It’s been a while.
verb-nounsI Verb Nouns – $22
“I’m so adjective, I verb nouns.” Come on – enough said. Definitely purchase worthy right there.
grammar-it-was-tense It Was Tense – $20
Alright, maybe I should just stop right here… this is pretty bad. But I couldn’t help myself. It was tense. Get it? It was tense? I know, awful.
oxford-commaOxford Comma Notecards – $15
This one had me laughing out loud when I first saw it. If you aren’t personally aligned with with Team Oxford Comma you won’t be all about this notecard set. The language is a little spicy, but laugh worthy, all the same.
gift11-moon-tshirtLunar Surface T-Shirt – $22
This is a detailed topographic map of the face of the moon that I pulled together from NASA and colorized it for better detail and viewing. It is an American Apparel Fine Jersey T-shirt, that is made with 100% fine jersey cotton combed for softness and comfort. Plus all proceeds keep THinc. running. Bonus!
gift1-usb-typewriterUSB Typewriter Keyboard – $799
Second year of geek gifts and already I think I’ve found the best geek gift … OF ALL TIME. See? Get it? Because this geek gift is OUT OF TIME. It is a old old school typewriter that connects to your computer, or iPad, etc. Voila, you are über. And über is what geeks are all about. Trust me. I know.
gift2-easy-kit-5_grandeUSB Typewriter Keyboard Kit– $99 / $149
Previous uberness too much for you? Yeah, me too. But what about a hundred dollar option? This is a kit that will let you convert an old typewriter you have laying around into your very own USB keyboard solution. There is even a bluetooth version for 150. See? I’m looking out for you guys out there. What’s better than a since of accomplishment AND $700 off? Yes, you are welcome
bookbookiPhone Book Book – $59.99
This simple little wallet will help your geek keep everything in the same place. ID, cash and credit cards on one side, and his iPhone on the other. Oh, and it looks cool too.

Good times. And Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and what not. No wait! Forgot my Oxford Comma. Let’s try that again. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and what not!! Better.

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