New Harmonious iOS Acapella App Review

If you know how to sing - and have been dreaming of acapella - this is your app.
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Acapella AppAcapella AppNew Harmonious iOS Acapella App Review

Do you like singing? What about beat boxing? Or just remixing audio a bit? Come on… admit it. You love it. No??!?

I enjoy playing around with audio some. Not a ton. But I do enjoy it when I get an idea (and a bee) in my bonnet. Nothing big… but there is a ton of fun to be had by mixing and creating music and songs electronically. Admit it – if you had the chance to turn your songs in the shower (you sing in the shower, don’t you?) into a Sam Tsui masterpiece, you would… wouldn’t you? I mean, EVERYONE has had a dream of pulling off their own Acapella brilliance, haven’t they? Or am I in the minority here? Please don’t tell me this is YET ANOTHER area in which I stick out like a sore thumb.

But regardless – if I offered you a chance to change your solo shower songs into a real class act show from the 2 bit wonder it is today, you would have to take me up on it… no? Especially since it’s literally free. You’d take me up on it, wouldn’t you? But enough on that… here’s what I mean right here – these guys right here make my head spin completely on it’s axis. This is your target…

Right? Wicked cool stuff right there. If you dig that sort of a thing there are like 5 or 10 more really amazing similar artists out there that you might be interested in that I could point you to.

Regardless, my current new favorite app is called Acapella for iOS and what that is basically what it lets you do all on your own.  The long and short of it is that you sing a song, and then accompany yourself with various harmonies. In the past I have done my own audio, and then had to play with the problem of synchronizing the music, the various vocals, and what not, by hand.

That really isn’t super easy.

Like, at all.

Unless the audio tracks are perfect, forget it. Unless the tempo is right, the pitch is right, the length is right… Just throw them away. I remember as a kid, taking my double tape deck boom box and recording myself singing the main melody line of a song once. Then I played myself singing on one deck, and sang in harmony as I recorded on the other deck. Then rewound both and did it all again… and again. Which basically made it possible to pull all the different parts of the song together on a single piece of audio tape. Crude… but it actually worked. Then a couple years ago, I tried it again… but this time, I figured – heck, I have TECHNOLOGY! And you know what? I just couldn’t do it. I could not get the initial recordings right. I couldn’t get the timing right. It wasn’t that it wasn’t nearly as good as my 80’s mix tape… it didn’t happen at all. It was awful. Not even close.

Enter Acapella though. Not only does the app let you set your metronome for keeping time… but it will let you play a track in your ear while singing. Which is nice, for those of us who can’t hit the broadside of a note barn without assistance. And while you are singing it will record the video of you singing that particular part and your soon to be famous face. Basically, if you’ve ever wanted to build your own video like this – Acapella is your app:

Come on. That’s goodness. Just the editing together of the video is cool enough by itself. But you add on top of that the pristine audio and the glorious coordination the app brings to the table and it’s awesomeness in a free little package that you are going to love.

Another really cool aspect of this app – is for you non-singers out there – it’s just fun to watch other people’s videos. It’s instagram for singing. Right? Lots of videos are bad. But there are so many hidden gems out there just waiting to be found. So much fun to just see what people are using the app for. I really do hope that the app gets it’s own Instagram-like love.

The only catch with the app is that it costs 3 bucks (in app purchase) for 2 minute videos and 10 bucks for 10 minute videos? Something like that. (Can you tell I’m too lazy to open it up and look? Just download it and try it, and then look yourself!!) But I will paid for the 3$ without giving it even a second thought. Haven’t that that limit yet, but wouldn’t be surprised if I purchased the 10$ as well, it’s that cool. Check it out!