Are the Duffer Brothers 9Mother9Horse9Eyes9 and the author of the Interface Series?

Are the Duffer Brothers 9Mother9Horse9Eyes9 and the author of the Interface Series?
a-stage-a-coupI am not immune to dupage. I have been duped before. I am probably a great candidate for actively dupe-attacking if you are hoping to get someone to gullably go along with whatever it is you are pitching as truth.

Thinking back on it, I STILL believe that the documentary Catfish is still not a hoax, and that it wasn’t faked from beginning to end. But I have this niggling feeling in the back of my head… that I’ve been duped. Actively. And as for Please Exit Through the Gift Shop? Many, if not MOST people believe that that movie was a rigged experiment from day one… from the get go (from the gecko? the GET GO!) But who knows… the verdict is still out on both those fronts. I don’t think anyone will ever really know the truth.

stranger-thingsSo, how was I possibly duped this time? Oh let me tell you. So the other day, I hailed the wonders of a new Reddit thing. Hard to sum up. It was a story, an LSD infused rant is more accurate, that was being played out in the comments of random Reddit posts. The author would just add the next page out on a random post and the only way to read the whole thing (at the beginning anyway) was to just head to the author’s home page and read all his comments.

Right – so here we have this AMAZING story being played out in a very idiosyncratic way. The author was anonymous by there didn’t seem to any agenda here. It was such a bizarre story, and so acid-laced that I was hard pressed to assume that there was anything else going on here. But then this post happened…

FINAL POST – So long, and thanks for all the chitinous cruciforms!

“I say my prayer and look out the window.
For a long time, the street is empty.
Then he comes walking down the road, carrying a flashlight, even though it’s light out.
I rush downstairs. Mother is sitting at the kitchen table. I think of saying goodbye to her, but the gleam in her eyes tells me there is no need.
I go into the dim little front hall. A beam of daylight is shining through the peephole.
There is a knock on the door. I wait. The knob turns, and the door opens. This is it, the beginning.
I walk into the light.

That post came six days ago, on July 13th. Ok? The Interface Series is officially concluded. (And, which, if you’d like an EPUB version of the book, you can get it from this Gethub repo, which makes it exceedingly easy to read.)┬áThen, coincidentally, came a new Netflix series entitled Stranger Things, and season 1 was released July 15th. Ok. So? What the heck is Stranger Things about? Wait for it.

Right. It happens to be about the mysterious disappearances of people in this 1983 town… and about the appearance of a girl with telekinetic capabilities. It’s about fleshy interfaces and dimensional monsters. Granted, it homages the heck out of E.T., Goonies, and other eighties television shows… like so loudly that it’s jarring. But the fact that this story from 9Mother is so on target as to be shocking it begs the question…

Are the Duffer Brothers 9Mother9Horse9Eyes9 and the author of the Interface Series?

And right now… I am cowering under my desk, and VPN’ing out to the internet, utilizing several different anonymizers to hide my IP address as my current physical location won’t be traced back to me by the users of the Reddit sub-thread that manages the compiled comments of _9Mother9Horse9Eyes9 … because they are full-tilt. Think elo score rating studying geeks with authenticity machetes held at the ready.

Regardless, I was initially tipped to the possibility that Stranger Things might be the impetus for the Interface Series by a post out at motherboard that I think hit the nail on the head, but didn’t go far enough. Not only do I think Netflix is marketing Stranger Things through a strange viral account on Reddit, but I also think that the writing was done by the Duffer Brothers as a way to flesh (pardon the pun) out the story from the vantage of an insider that was responsible for the larger mysteries and their release. Instead of viewing the mysteries from the perspective of the town and the kids (ala Goonies) the Reddit story views the horror from the perspective of the larger history and the larger drama playing out. In the story we see details about mother, the monster, and the testing the government does with these interfaces. It’s just two sides of the same coin. And the Duffer Brothers would never have handed off the need to write a good story for the Reddit community, and the obvious book that would be created. Otherwise they would have risked damaging their show. No way someone else but the brothers wrote this story.

Don’t believe me? Read the story. Watch Stranger Things. Then tell me I’m wrong.

I went looking for writing from the brothers to compare their scores against the Interface Series, but I came up empty on scripts from them. If any of you have any of their writings that you can offer towards this cause I’d consider it a personal favor. But until I’m proven wrong, I am certain that I’m write on this one. Duffer Brothers! Thanks for a fantastic Interface Series. I adored it.