Literary Digressions


Movie Lion and Book Discussed and Explained

Movie Lion and Book Discussed and Explained - or how watching a movie and reading the book can really deepen your understanding of a story, especially a story like Lion, or a Long Way Home.

Story Time With Taylor A Bidet Story

Story Time With Taylor A Bidet Story - or wherein I tell you a story about a time I was trapped on a foreign toilet for days. Ok minutes. But felt like days.

Katana Conversation

Katana Conversationether and wires electronic mesh catapults me to you distance destroyed speed of light me approaching you.this modern speed of life accelerates.the bits and torrents curve ...

сокрытие Part 6

сокрытие Part 6 - wherein the very first anomaly caused by the Glyptic Record is investigated and the outcome is dire.


СОКРЫТИЕ PART 5 - the story of the Glyptic Record spreads around the world and how the world fell into such terrible disarray.

сокрытие Part 4

сокрытие Part 4 - the hunt for the Glyptic Record becomes more confusing than ever, and more dire as the world begins to collapse to its overwhelming power.

сокрытие Part 3

сокрытие Part 3 - the Glyptic record is the single most dangerous event the world has ever encountered. Deaths are in the hundreds of thousands and this is only the beginning.

сокрытие Part 2

сокрытие Part 2 - the hunt continues for the Glyptic Record as we begin to learn the real devastation and chaos that follows in it's wake.

сокрытие Part 1

сокрытие - the cover up is the first part of the story of the Glyptic Record, which is all about the hunt to find it. The hunt to control the record. And the hunt to survive the record.