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Human Book Recommendation So Not 1984

Human Book Recommendation So Not 1984 - So I recently stumbled across a Tumblr that I just had to share with you all. The Tumblr is called Go Book Yourself. Created by Anna James, Daniel Dalton, and Rob Goodswen, the Tumblr gives recommendations based on books you already love from a variety of genres. The concept is so retro that its fashion forward. Basically its a human recommending books. Woah. But just to give this simple concept context let's take a peek at some of the algorithm driven recommendations out there that I have done more than my fair share of playing.
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Books We Love September 2013

Books We Love September 2013 I'm doubting any of you read this post so closely to have even noticed the egregious lateness... but if for some happenstance you are that one person - we apologize.  You also prob...

Was Priscilla the Author of Hebrews?

Who was the author of Hebrews? No one really knows. But was Priscilla the author of Hebrews? It may have been. She was famous in the early church...

Books We Love A Year End Round up

Books We Love decided that we would highlight some of the best books of the year and proclaim a winner for the best book of all of 2013. Tall order, but that's how we roll around here at Books We Love. So without further delay... let us commence with a review of the literary highlights of 2013:
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Books We Love December 2013

Books We Love December 2013 - We've arrived. The end of a year of book reviews. We promised ourselves that we would do a solid year and we've made it! This has definitely been a trying road seeing as though it has been the least popular post(s) we have ever done. Since creating our first "Books We Love" book list we have had 369 people read them. But I will give you a bit of credit because you've averaged just over five minutes on each post, so there is that. I hear some of you saying, 369?!? That's great!
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Books We Love July 2013 Movie Edition

Books We Love July 2013 Movie Edition Every month we here at Books We Love list out the great books we've read and the books we are looking forward to.  This month we are doing it a little differently in tha...

Books We Love May 2013

Books We Love May 2013 - Come learn what big new books have come out in May 2013 and what new books are coming.

Books We Love April 2013

Books We Love April 2013 - this month we read Ghostman, The Blue Book, Under the Skin and other great novels as well as investigate new books on the way.
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Books We Love – March 2013

Books we Love - March 2013 - These are the books we have recently enjoyed, will be enjoying and will soon release. Come join us as we discuss books books!

Infinite Jest Summary Guide

This Infinite Jest Summary Guide is an explanation of DFW's Infinite Jest... which is doomed to fail before it begins, but I'd rather fail w/ DFW than succeed elsewhere.