New Old Time Godzilla and King Kong Design Released

New Old Time Godzilla and King Kong Design Released

I’ve been playing with an idea for a little while now. It’s a simple enough idea. What if Godzilla had visited a vintage bygone era, as opposed to our current day reality? And what if photographers, quickly snapped photos of the encounters in the midst of their interrupted normal days and then ran for it? What would the results be, what would they look like. And better yet, what if the cause of the of San Francisco earthquake wasn’t a natural disaster… but rather a disaster caused by these enormous monsters praying on the land? If you are curious what I’m talking about, here are a few examples of the designs I’ve created, and crafted out of this idea.

Well, the other day I decided, not just to create a new New York photo on the Brooklyn Bridge, but that I would also create my first battle royale photo between my two favorites, Godzilla and King Kong. Now, I chose this photo as my backdrop because I knew just how hard it would be to develop the look I was looking for. I knew it was going to take me hours and hours and hours to create a realistic adaptation of what I had in my mind. So, without further bluster or delay, here is the new artistic creation from this series I have brought to reality.

In order to get the entire sense of the scale and scope of this image you’d have to have the raw files. I’ve posted it here at 750 pixels wide I believe. But the original is something closer to 7,000 pixels wide or more. Which, is crazy the amount of work it took to pull off. I can’t even really express to you how much fun this image was to pull together. Godzilla and King Kong dueling over top of the Brooklyn bridge. Good times. And now? Now it’s available in a print if you’d like a copy.


Come on! You know you want that on your wall! hahaha. I just ordered mine. Oh, you don’t want it on your wall, but you wouldn’t mind it on your bed? Ooooh. I’ve got the thing for you right here!!

You can even find Duvet covers or shower curtains out at Society6! You could turn your room into a Godzilla wonderland in 2 days flat! hahaha. Oh, you can find that comforter link right here.

And even if you can’t purchase, it’d be a huge help if you wandered over to my images on Society 6 and hearted them. Seriously, that’d help get them some exposure they currently aren’t getting. So thanks for considering doing that! But I am pretty proud of this fun ‘little’ photo. Go buy it! hahaha. Have a great weekend everyone.