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New Movie Suggestions Conversation Stuff!!

For over a year now, I have been wanting to build out some thing, some how, that would allow you to post what movies you want to discuss here on taylorholmes.com. Maybe they are just movies that are coming to the movie theater soon. Maybe you just discovered them and think we’d love to talk about it here. You then would be able to post the movie details, and everyone else would then be able to comment on what a good idea your movie suggestion is.

BETTER YET? What if you guys could up vote and down vote ideas that we could talk about? See where this is going? Basically a REDDIT interface for what movies we all should be watching. So yeah, this isn’t about me. It’s a way for us all to talk to each other about the best movies that make us THiNC.

How do you get a hold of this goodness? Well, you can see the movie suggestion page right here. Or you can click the red tab on the bottom of every page. I’m currently working with the developer in England to sort out some labeling glitches – currently it’s saying Questions, because it was built as a Question plugin. But pay that no mind for right now, and go in and comment… then VOTE. I’ll pay close attention to those votes to determine what my entertainment du jour will look like.

So let’s get started sharing movies. Talking movies. Discussing movies. Woot woot!

CTO – Chief THiNC. Officer

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6 Responses

  1. Ned

    I’m still waiting for the movie which is futurist in a way which collaborates with what is currently now known by biologists, artificial intelligence researchers, neuroscientists, neuropsychologists, astrophysicists, etc.

    Currently, futuristic movies often depict a simplistic same-old-same-old subject it uses for sheeple’s entertainment and all too familiar good vs evil storyline which encompasses contention, deceit, war; plus, an ignorance of science like producing sound effects for spacecrafts.

    It’s highly unlikely when space travel becomes feasible and a common everyday activity, people will continue to kill or commit senseless crime because physiological brain research at this time is discovering what makes us who we are, how we perceive (mostly, how we misperceive) the world and how areas of the brain, in all its plasticity, still houses particular functions shown in fMRIs.

    Already, science research shows a person is not “evil” by the way religious or spiritual concepts define but is “unlucky” in the roll-of-the-dice way DNA forms by an extra Y gene or a faulty amygdala. These discoveries are not aired enough on television or taught sparingly—if at all—in grammar schools and certainly not discussed in houses of religion.

    I’m eager for a movie which can entertain on an intellectual level and which is informative, uplifts our hope for a better future in which a kind intelligence prevails over the too long of fear-based ancient ignorant egocentric belief systems.

    There’s a plethora of dark sci-fi chaotic futuristic dystopias in which no producer or director has taken the time or effort to show how cold and godless the universe really is or bothered to interview someone cool like Neal deGrasse Tyson. No one seems to get that what is known by today’s science researchers is actually far more bizarre and entertaining than what’s being made up by Hollywood filmmakers.

    However, no offense to filmmakers Kubrick, Abrams, Spielberg—especially Cameron. They may not be “accurate” sci-fi movies but offer futuristic humanistic storylines with a tad of quirky humor or human idiosyncrasies thrown in (like Kubrick’s ubiquitous bathroom scenes in all his films from sci-fi to horror).

    Taylor, it seems easier to come up with a list of crappy movies. Ask us to share the worst movies we’ve ever seen. Rotten Tomatoes became a popular movie review site and is aptly named because there’s so often more mediocre films than fantastic ones.

    BTW, where is the movie you highly recommend called, “The One I Love”? It’s not viewable on Netflix anymore.

    • Taylor Holmes

      The reason movie makers tell stories constantly about good and evil, is because it is a universal concept. And no amount of knowledge or insight, will “unchain” us from this truth. It’s the reason I talk about movies because they are universal in their ideas and their truths. It unites us in this over arching reality that binds us all together.

      Did you watch Arrival? Denis Villeneuve’s and Eric Heisserer’s gorgeously insightful scientific drama? I would think that that would be right in your wheelhouse.

      And as for the one I love: https://decider.com/movie/the-one-i-love/ has a list of ways to watch it. Amazon probably is the easiest. Here’s a free way to steal the movie, https://yesmovies.to/movie/the-one-i-love-2750.html – but donate to the crew after. They definitely deserve your money. https://www.givedirectly.org/give-now?c=MarkDuplass

  2. Ned

    I agree conflict in movies seems like the only formula for box office success. However, there exists a myriad of plays and books which are on par with money-making conflict storylines but offer uniquely uplifting and informative escape into futuristic societies devoid of conflict but facing intriguing challenges besides evil aliens.

    Tartuffe by Moliére is an example of a creative farce which educates and entertains the audience about a condition which still goes on today: a person who pretends to be one thing but is really the opposite; how it eventually in a comedic way comes out and everyone learns a lesson. This play has meaningful depth which makes the audience laugh while learning something about character and, to top it off, is all done in rhyme!

    Arthur C. Clarke’s book, “Childhood’s End” is a futuristic peaceful society devoid of conflict. It’s a good read about an evolutionary challenge instead of the usual alien foe.

    I understand the use of conflict in movies but it’s like going to the same film except with different actors, time period, title.

    An obvious artsy way films try to offer a change from the overused conflict storyline is by using an open ending—too much like life! It’s rarely considered sophisticated or appreciated by audiences and a lazy way to leave a viewer perplexed or more often depressed haha!

    It’s really not about conflict being the only way to make an interesting movie. It’s more about the mind-set of moviemakers and producers thinking that’s what sells, what the audience wants, or will succeed in making a profit. That’s fair, understandable but causes limitations. No one wants to gamble on storylines which buck the norm.

    Thanks for info about where to view “The One I Love” but only have Netflix subscription at this time. Forgive me if this may sound petulant but watching a movie on smartphone or computer screen isn’t the same as enjoying it on a wider screen but guess that’s the only choice. “The One I Love” received positive reviews and seems to offer an unusual take on relationship conflict.

  3. Ned

    Arrival is a very good movie which deserved more recognition. Because of its emotional depth, unique kind of “conflict” perspective, Arrival is a Sci-fi Classic.


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