Micro Short Film Salt Might Just Break You

Here on THiNC. there was a season when I spent just as much time bringing you short films as I did full length movies. I have even been invited to most of the big film festivals as a result of my love for these amazing short films. (So far I have yet to go to a single film festival, but that is a different conversation. Definitely my number one bucket list item.) There is just such a charge when you find a really amazing short film. Basically short films are just cinema-concentrate. Breaking Bad Blue Meth kind of experience. Not that I would know anything about Meth. But you get my point. 

So today, I’ve got a rocket of a micro short to show you. Ok, but before you hit play on this film… I want you to buckle up: lock the door to the bathroom, sit down, turn up your head phones to eleven, whatever. Just turn life off for 2 minutes. A solid hundred and twenty seconds. But the moment you hit play, this thing rockets straight into the stratosphere. World building – check, character building – check, plot building – check, antagonist building – check… and that happens in the first 15 seconds. I’m telling you, this thing could crack your neck if you aren’t properly sitting and ready for it. 

Here, here is a paper bag to breath into. I know. Yes, you are very welcome. I’m currently chatting with Rob Savage, the director, to talk about doing an interview… possibly. If so, I’ll throw the new information here. But this thing is so cool. It’s almost as big an idea as Quiet. Different, yet innovative from a world building standpoint. Could change everything about how we live and work, and survive. Etc. 

Pretty dang cool little short. Love it.

And if you liked Salt, Rob Savage also has a bit of a longer short film (11 minutes) of sheer geniusness that you might enjoy called Dawn of the Deaf. Lots going on here. Love to hear your thoughts about it as well.