2018 Christmas Gifts for Geeks and the Like

I think we are five years in a row of Christmas Gift lists here at THiNC. Yes. We all know that I am shamelessly peppering in designs I have created for kicks and giggles. But think about it this way – it’s a way to support a website that provides you with movie ideas that make your life better. And, on top of that, you are sure to make your significant other abundantly happy with these selections. That’s a THiNC. promise. Or something.

The Wicker Woman – $30+
My latest design – the Wicker Woman – which should be the muse for a screenplay I should write, but alas, it’s just a woman and her crows. Which, you know you need on your walls as it is so dashing as to be visually arresting.
Star Wars Blueprints – $27.57
There is nothing in the world that makes me happier than a Star Wars movie. And I also love blueprints/schematics so much that the thought of the two things together makes me quiver a bit…
Toilet Bowl Light – $14.95
Admit it. Geeks and toilets are a match made in heaven. I bet half my readers read while visiting the loo. This item is so good, I half expect to hear from Rodeo Drive to create Christmas Catalogs for the rich and highly fungible.
whom-mug  You Had Me At Whom – $15
The “You Had Me At Whom” mug is a witty reminder that grammar, really is hot. Just because social media is rampant with shortcuts and 140 character limitations doesn’t mean we need to all become grammar neanderthals! Don’t want a mug? How about an art print?
bibliophant-print Bibliophant Print – $85
The Bibliophant is the reckoner of all books and literature. This fine art print on bright white, fine poly-cotton blend, and matte canvas. Probably one of my favorite
banksy-shredded-girl-with-red-balloon Banksy Girl with the Heart Balloon – $30+
If you missed this one in the news, then I’m sorry, I can’t do anything to help you. But this is a fine art print of the infamous Banksy’s Girl With the Heart Balloon – shredded, print. You know you have to have one. Such a brilliant artistic move.
punctuation-cufflinks Movie Bucket List – $15
I literally just saw this and said, I have GOT to make my own. I mean, look at the movies on this list for heaven sake! Awful. Watch out, I’m gonna make my own. So don’t buy this one, now that I think of it. Hah (I did it, find it here!!)
verb-nouns Book Light – $20
Even if you don’t need a night light, you need this night light. Come on, a book night light? Splayed open and spraying its incandescence at you? Brilliance. (See what I did there?)
gift5-godzilla Godzilla Flashback Mug – $15 
I was looking through some hundred year old photos and was like, hrm. I wander how it would look if Godzilla showed up. And now I know. This has to be a must win mug for anyone in your family this Christmas. No? I thought so.
gift11-moon-tshirt Lunar Surface T-Shirt – $22
This is a detailed topographic map of the face of the moon that I pulled together from NASA and colorized it for better detail and viewing. It is an American Apparel Fine Jersey T-shirt, that is made with 100% fine jersey cotton combed for softness and comfort. Plus all proceeds keep THinc. running. Bonus!
Kong vs. Godzilla in Cinci – $150+
You know that you are curious what happened to Cincinnati back in 1904. Right? I mean, how’d it get so messed up after all. Well, wonder no longer. This metal print shows the action up close and personal.
navitron-clock Navitron Clock– $250
Coolest. Clock. Ever. This thing is so retro-steam punk I can’t even see straight. Admit it, you want one. Heck, admit it you want to buy me one! hahahah.
bookbook iPhone Book Book – $59.99
This simple little wallet will help your geek keep everything in the same place. ID, cash and credit cards on one side, and his iPhone on the other. Oh, and it looks cool too.

Merry Christmas everyone!! And be sure to get your significant every single one of these items and help your local THiNC. movie site while you are at it. In fact, buy each item, and I will give you a free, lifetime subscription to all of the THiNC. pages for free. (Yes, they are free anyway. But does their viewing of this website come with… uh, certificate? No, I thought not.  So there you have it, these bespoke list of items will be the beginning of the perfect Christmas this year! Cough.