Axeman from Izzy Gets the F— Across Town

Sometimes I mention a song here on THiNC. It’s not what the site is about. It’s not what I do. I mean, I don’t do movies either, but I do them more than I do music, that’s for sure. Anyway… last night, while watching the movie Izzy Gets the F— Across Town (which I absolutely adored by the by, and will be talking about soon enough). I ran across this song that basically poleaxed the entirety of this movie….like, right in the center of it.

A little bit of the backstory. So Izzy (played by Mackenzie Davis) is determined to make it across town in order to get to an engagement party she wasn’t invited to…all in the hope of getting that guy back. REGARDLESS, on her way there she catches her sister, sleeping with someone she shouldn’t be. Next thing Izzy and her sister know, Izzy’s sister Virginia (played by Carrie Coon) and she are singing a song together in front of the family’s friends.

I thought about just including the audio – but so much acting is happening while these two brilliant actors sing, that I didn’t want to leave that out. I’ll talk about this when I post about the movie, but just trust me on this one. Ok? Anyway, I adored this song, and I thought I’d bring it to you as the first hit of crack to try and convince you that the movie is worth watching. Because heck, you don’t ever just trust me on anything. Gah. You guys are infuriating. Well, except for you there in the back… Guillermo is it? Except for you Guillermo, I know you take my word for it when it comes to my movie suggestions.

This cover was like an atom bomb of intensity in the middle of an already incredible performance. Literally gave me chills.

Youtube User Commenting on the song

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