New Amazing Patrick Kramer Piece

Not many know this about THiNC. but I haven’t always known what I was going to do on this site. When I first launched this little blog, I blabbered to myself about business stuff, about art, about movies, about trips I had started taking, books, poetry, opera, science stuff. Really anything. I was all over the map, but that was only because I have so many diverse interests. But regardless of the momentum in the direction we’ve seen in our discussions about movies, my favorite posts that I’ve ever done are hands down, 100%, the interviews. The fact that I am absolutely no one… literally… and yet, to see famous people respond to my requests to talk to them about their amazing book, phenomenal music, mind blowing movies, full-on cool portrait paintings? Hahahah. I could go on and on.

Well, three years ago, I ran into a painting on the great world wide web, painted by Patrick Kramer, that blew my mind. Stopped me in my tracks.

And because of that little painting, I decided to go looking for him, just to see if I can see if he would talk to me:

Greetings Patrick…

I was working on a piece about your work and thought it would be infinitely better if I could magically, and miraculously, somehow get your comment on a few questions. Absolutely adore your work and would be honored if you’d agree… but I also understand that I am sure you are busy as well. Thanks for your consideration – but even more so, thanks for adding such a bright spot to the world with your work. Really enjoy your paintings.

Thanks, Taylor

And yup. He took the bait! Hahahahaha. If you’d like to read the results of that email exchange, you can see that interview right here. Regardless, we had a great chat, and I got to learn a ton about how a fantastic painter works (including process photos, etc.). Oh, and thousands and thousands of people learned about a painter they had never heard of before.

Well, anyway, yesterday I was mindlessly scrolling through Reddit when I stumbled upon a painting that just hit the parking brake. And I literally was like, ‘I know this artist.’ I don’t know how. But I have to know this guy, the guy who painted this. I couldn’t decide which particular painter, but I was certain I knew them. So I clicked through to find out who it was, and voila, Patrick Kramer’s name hit me like a ton of bricks. PATRICK! hahaha.

So, I obviously still had Patrick’s email address, and I thought, I’d say congratulations on crafting such a gorgeous new piece. And I figured I’d bring you the piece that stopped me in my tracks.

Come on. Isn’t that a glorious painting?!?

And I figured that, since we are here, might as well show you a number of other paintings that Patrick has painted, that are also equally amazing pieces… many of which can be purchased right here the the Meyer Gallery.


So, do me a favor, buy me one of these pieces. No. That’s not the favor I was going to ask for. That one just sprang out of me. The favor I was going to ask for, before I was so rudely interrupted, was that you go out to the gallery, buy one of Patrick’s paintings, and tell him I sent you.

Edited by, CY