Complete The OA Season 2 Walkthrough and Explanation

Complete The OA Season 2 Walkthrough and Explanation - because this is one of the biggest mindjob TV shows ever invented. Guaranteed. IMDB
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The OA is a television series that will melt your brain if you let it. I literally can’t think of another show that pushes the edge of the envelope and of sanity further than this show. I can’t even think of a show that has even come close. Dark is really the only other TV show that can even make it onto the same scale as The OA, and even Dark is like a 3 on a 10 scale measurement. The OA just knows how to tell a story. How to then blow that story up in order to tell an even more compelling story, deep inside the previous story. 

This write up will dive deeply into the goings on of The OA Season 2. If you have never had the opportunity to watch The OA Season 1, boy, do I have a treat for you. Please, go find it out on Netflix and watch it once or twice before you start Season 2. You really have to have a VERY GOOD grasp of Season 1 before you can start Season 2. Some shows, it doesn’t really matter, you can slide past the first season and jump in on the second rodeo and you are just fine. No. That will not work with The OA Season 2.

I would actually give a Starbucks gift card to anyone that can convince their spousal units who didn’t watch Season 1 to watch Season 2 dry. Get them to do a write up of their thoughts as Season 2 unspools and that would be comedy gold. Heck…want to become a Youtube sensation? Just point a camera at them while they are watching.

OK, with that said, you really need to watch both Season 1 and Season 2 before you go any further. I mean, sure, you are welcome to continue reading, you’ll grasp the general English, but you won’t be understanding anything. Here, have a trailer for Season 2 and you can see why it’s so good…at least a small smidgen of why it’s so good. 

Alright, what I’m going to do now is an episode by episode 30,000 fly by. And then, after we are finished clearing up, and clarifying each of the episodes, we’ll talk about The OA and how it all works at a very deep level.

Entire Season One Walkthrough can be found here – but as a quick reminder, Season One centered around a woman named Prairie Johnson. She was an adopted woman who went missing for seven years before resurfacing. The truly interesting bit was that she was blind when she was kidnapped, but could see when she returned. The OA is short for The Original Angel. Upon her return, Prairie tells the FBI nothing, not where’s she’s been or what happened to during her extended abduction. But she does tell the story to five people she assembles explicitly for this purpose. Not only does she tell of her eyesight restoration, and the horrible medical experiments performed on them, but she also tells about her youth in Russia before she was adopted in America. And then Prairie enlists the group’s help in order to free the four other abducted individuals. And at the end of Season One Prairie is shot at the kids’ school, and it causes The OA to jump dimensions…to Season Two.

I think we should also do a quick glossary of names in order to help, because WOAH! Everyone has like ten names depending on what dimension they are in, or what timeline of the show they currently reside in. 

The Important Season 2 Characters

Because I was having a hard time getting back into the world myself – I’ve listed out all the important characters to the series as an aide to jump-start your memories. If you don’t need a characters jump-start, well fine, then just jump down to the walk through section…and I also don’t like you anymore.

The OA / Prairie Johnson/Nina Azarova / Brit – played by Brit Marling – is a multidimensional hopping angel, intent on ridding the world of Hap, her abductor, and numerous times, her murderer.

Homer Roberts / Dr. Roberts – played by Emory Cohen – Homer was a high school football quarterback, who was abducted along with Prairie – and may be her soulmate.

Hap / Dr. Hunter Aloysius Percy – played by Jason Isaacs – we learned in season one that Hap is a sadistic bastard who kills people, and brings them back to learn about the afterlife.

Karim Washington – played by Kinglsey Ben-Adir – a private detective, who was once in the FBI and embedded in Muslim communities, and has avoidance of parenting.

Pierre Ruskin – played by Vincent Kartheiser – Nina Azarova’s boyfriend, and angel funder for Uber and other enormous Silicon Valley startups.

Mo – played by Zoe Chao – happens to be a pregnant woman connected with Karim…hrmmm. Who also helps him hack, and research hard to find leads.

Michelle Vu – Ian Alexander – Michelle played Ruskin’s game in order to find what is in the rose window…but goes into a coma as a result.

Elodie – played by Irène Jacob – A mysterious dimension traveler, who helps Hap learn how to travel without a brood.

Dr. Marlow Rhodes – a lead for the CURI sleep study team who quits suddenly over moral objections.

The Group of Five (Dimension 1)

Steve Winchell – played by Patrick Gibson – a high school drug dealing bully, who found a second chance in life when he met Prairie.

Buck Vu – Played by Ian Alexander (Yes, he/she is here twice) – a transgender high school boy who is supported by his mother but disdained by his father. And in Season 2 he appears in Dimension 2 as a girl, Michelle who has gone missing.

Betty Broderick-Allen / BBA – Played by Phyllis Smith – a teacher at the local high school who get enmeshed in the Prairie drama.

Alfonso Sosa / French – Played by Brandon Perea – is a gay overachiever high school student who was the enormous devil’s advocate to Prairie’s stories.

Jesse – Played by Brendan Meyer – Jesse, Buck and Steve hung out in Season 1. Jesse’s mother committed suicide and he lives with his sister.

Angie – Played by Chloë Levine – Steve’s girlfriend, and was there in the cafeteria when the shooting happened in Season 1. She also was taught the movements by Steve between Season 1 and 2.

The Four Other Captives

Scott – Played by Will Brill – Scott is given the third movement. He was homeless and kidnapped by Hap. He is slowly dying from an illness.

Rachel – Played by Sharon Van Etten – Rachel had her first NDE during a car crash. Her little brother died and she was given an angelic singing voice.

Renata – Played by Paz Vega – was a Cuban guitar player lured to captivity by Homer. After her kidnapping, she was given the fourth movement.

Homer – I mentioned him above.

The OA Season Two Walkthrough

Please know, that these episode walkthroughs will be doubly spoilery in that not only will I be talking about what happened, I’ll also be talking about the significance to the season as well as the series. 

Episode 1 – 5/10

Season 2 opens in Dimension 2 and it starts 7.5 hours prior to the ending of Season 1. So, as the episode starts, Prairie is still in Dimension 1. The OA appears to Karim in a dream. Which, is intriguing, because while The OA is appearing in his dreams, Karim is appearing everyone else’s dreams…but we’ll get to that in a bit.

Karim soon is approached by Mrs. Vu, grandmother to a missing girl, named Michelle Vu. Vu, as you recall from the character list above, goes by the name Buck in Dimension 1 (D1) and is a transgender male. But Grandma Vu’s granddaughter is a female in D2. Karim agrees to find Michelle. And soon he learns that Michelle was involved in attempting to solve a game that has no name, but the gamers call Q-Symphony. And with the help of Fola (played, surprisingly, by Zendaya), Karim is helped through to a few layers deeper in the game. 

About that same time, Prairie is shot in D1 – and she snaps awake in Nina’s body in D2. And we surmise that Nina Azarova, is Prairie’s sister. A sister that never got on the bus with Prairie when the bus crashed into the water. Never experienced the hardships that Prairie endured of adoption and poverty. And as she awakens, she’s being taken to the mental hospital called Treasure Island, where we meet Dr. Percy, better known as Hap.

Episode 2 – 9/10

As the second episode opens, we learn that the reason Prairie/Nina/OA saw Scott, Rachel and Renata in the asylum with her was because Hap gave them Sodium Pentothal and told them to do the movements or die trapped in D1. They complied, and all jumped together. Homer, on the other hand, isn’t an inmate, but rather is an assistant of Hap’s, someone that has no recollection of their past connections together.

Karim continues following the omnipresent leads and support from various gamers and others – did this strike anyone else as a little fast, and extraordinarily forced? – and it ultimately leads him to CURI, which appears to be a sleep study collective. And, as he learns more, he finds out that about the same time that Michelle went AWOL, Dr. Rhodes also quit over moral objections over the sleep study methods. Karim tracks down the in hiding Dr. Rhodes, and learns that it was Pierre Ruskin’s idea to study the collective dreams of a large group of people in order to find common similarities between the various dreams and dreamers. But Rhodes thought Ruskin’s ideas of bring a person from a dream state and into the waking world unnatural. And thus the reason for her sudden desertion of the project. And ultimately the clues of the dreams seems to point to Nina’s nefarious and curious home.

In other areas of the episode, we learn that Hap is of the mind that they are living within the Dimension of Homer’s Near Death Experience (NDE). Which, has interesting repercussions for Season three. And speaking of that, Hap seems to be creating a map of the multi-verse in his lab. We don’t know how or why, but we are getting this sense that Hap is up to more of his nefarious tricks. And as the episode ends, Hap kills Rachel after she sees inside of Hap’s inner sanctum – and the secret arboretum multi-verse diagram. And upon Rachel’s death in D2, she flies to the D1 group of five. (Or six, as the case may be.)

Episode 3 – 4/10

This episode starts off with Prairie’s funeral, as we learn that the band of five are now considered heroes and loved by nearly everyone. Betty Broderick-Allen or as she is better known, BBA, has a vision of someone asking for help, and Rachel, who was killed in the last episode by Hap appears to Buck in his mirror. And in an attempt to put out an outstanding question from S1, French (Alfonso) meets with Prairie’s adoptive father, to talk to him about the books found under Prairie’s bed. But whatever…we already know that The OA is legit because she’s already in D2. So yeah, the books came after the stories were told. Got it.

And the mirror sends three musical notes in the mirror – B B A, an obvious reference to Betty. And so, the five (plus Angie) all circle the wagons and take on one of the most illogical, nonsensical, road trips in the history of all television. First, the gang needs to find the mirror that was dropped off at Goodwill by Buck’s mother. But when they arrive at the local Goodwill, they are told the mirror is probably 2 hours away at a different Goodwill distribution center. SOOOooo, of course they decide they are going. And when they get the mirror, they decide the next step is Aunt Lilly – a medium….BUT, she’s five hours away. And off they go. (Why?) But along the way, they break the mirror. (Bummer!) And in the middle of the drama, and the chaos, French finds a guy on Tinder to have a one night stand with? (WHAT?!?)

And as the Aunt Lilly visit happens, we all learn that breaking a mirror, visited by a spirit is really really bad juju. Who knew? And now, instead of learning from the medium what Rachel is wanting to communicate, Rachel communicates directly with the five via the television. And we learn that it’s only safe for BBA to go. And as BBA heads into the TV, it cracks. 

Episode 4 – 10/10

We kick this episode off in D2. Karim heads to Treasure Island and asks Nina for a way into her elusive house. But Prairie/Nina (whatever), convinces Karim to break her out in order to get into the house. “She gets under your skin.” “She gets under everyone’s skin.” And Karim and Prairie go to Nina’s apartment, Prairie asks Karim to tell her a story in order to distract her in a bid to remember the passcode in the apartment. The story Karim tells, is a story about Karim’s “brother,” but we learn that it is actually an anecdote from Karim’s own life…that he doesn’t want to bring a child into this world. And personally, I believe that his pregnant partner, is his girlfriend. And the baby she is in labor delivering, is his. “What’s the number?” “10-15-87.” Which, I would bet an entire leg on the fact that this is Nina’s Birthday.

Cross cut to a woman, named Elodie, walking into Hap’s life and totally turning his head. But apparently, she is a fellow traveler that has tracked Hap and Prairie down. And not only that, but she has other ways to travel than just via assembling a gang of five, and doing the movements. (Can I take a moment and say that the original instruction from OA was that you had to do the movements with perfect feeling…but how exactly is a robot going to do them with any emotion whatsoever!? Anyway, I will say, it’s a cool development all the same.) And at the end of this episode, Hap realizes that Homer is actually here in D2.

Moving back to Prairie and Karim, utilizing a number of clues (“Three Wise, Man”), we come to Syzygy…a surreal club, fueled by Nina’s strange performances. So what is happening here at the Syzygy? Well, we learn later, that Nina is something of a natural world medium. She can talk to nature, the trees, and the animals. And so, during this performance, Prairie, talks to Old Night, and tell the audience his thoughts. But this time, the Old Night is more interested in conversing with The OA than she is in talking with the audience. And during this conversation with the Octopus, we learn that Prairie has a brother that she takes with her into every dimension in order to protect her…which I discuss more thoroughly in the Open Questions area below.

Right, so ya, an Octopus. Prairie, is grabbed by the octopus, and is telling the audience what the octopus is saying. But then, the Old Night asks Prairie for permission to kill her. And when Prairie gives permission, she is strangled by the octopus, and is then walking through a plane, until she comes to a woman with a blonde hair pixie cut. We never see her face, but we know from the end of the season that this woman is Brit, herself, from D3. Karim saves the day, resuscitates Prairie, kills the octopus, and they make a run for the passage to the house.

Episode 5 – 10/10

The episode opens with Homer having a crazy dream, that only means that he is beginning to turn the corner, and wake to the realization as to what has happened to him. So, after having this dream, Homer begins investigating the circumstances around Rachel’s “transfer.” And Hap continues to try to get answers out of Elodie. And in the meantime, Prairie and Karim are heading into the house via the tunnel the size of a coffin… which, summarily gets flooded with water. And after the water comes the puzzle of magnetic hexes. After completing the puzzle, the double helix staircase opens and allows them to continue onward into the house. Only problem is that they separated and went up different staircases. And almost immediately, they both begin hallucinating. Eventually Karim finds stairs underneath the bed in the locked room he was in. And Prairie heads out through a window, and into a tree.

We also start learning a lot more from Ruskin about how the house was built, and what the intentions were originally. And as he researched the house’s origins we learn that the original designer built the game as solution towards helping them understand what the ultimate meaning was…sort of a spiritual crowd-sourcing de-puzzler. Or something. But we know that what he was really wanting to know, was what was on the other side of the rose window, but after watching so many die, he was too nervous to do it himself. But eventually he solves the game, goes through the window, and drops into a coma. Which leads us to the following questions:

  1. When a dimension jumper lands in another individual’s body, what happens to the original inhabitant? 
  2. And when a jumper exits a dimension what happens to the body they leave behind? (Like what we see happen with Elodie.) 

But let’s save these questions for later. Stop waylaying me from this walkthrough already! 

So, we left Prairie, deep inside the tree roots, wherein she has a conversation with the trees. And apparently, the trees have been attempting to talk with her for many years. And that Hap was about to make a powerful discovery. This is in reference to the robotic, mechanical movements given to him by Elodie. And when the trees say, “He’ll use it to destroy your faith in yourself, so that you need him to recover.” they are talking about the fact that she has been going it alone in D2. That her power was in the five (10) friends she had made in D1. But it could also be referring to her future in D3 as well. But we’ll talk about that later…

As the episode comes to a close, we see Karim eventually escape the hall of mirrors and find Fola, the gamer that had originally helped him, and he helps them both escape together. And Elodie, puts the five blocks out and then she collapses. (So so so many questions here – join me at the bottom of this thread to discuss.)

Episode 6 – 6/10

This episode centers on the five in D1 who are trying to figure out how to get to the OA. And Jesse guesses that Prairie is in the Treasure Island facility based on some clues that they had picked up. But before they go, they head to BBA’s cousin’s house on the beach. But her cousin is nearly certain that Betty has been brainwashed, and isn’t mentally all there. And at the end of this pleasant reprieve, Jesse steals some pain meds, and commits suicide. (Wait, just HOLD ON A SECOND, we never get any sort of confirmation or dis-confirmation that Steve wasn’t able to bring him back. My money goes on his having jumped, or brought back.) And while hiding from the Amber Alert in a hotel, French calls the FBI agent, Elias Rahim, in order to fill him in on what had happened, and what they were trying to do. Why? I literally have no idea. Unless this is just the final step of French’s defenses coming down?

Episode 7 – 7/10

After having broken out of the house with Fola, Karim comes back with the police in order to try and find Prairie. And after finding her, he learns that he and Fola both have dangerous levels of mercury in their system. Which brings us to our history lesson of the location – and about the Ohlone tribe, and how they thought the site where the house sat was a holy place. 

Prairie heads back to her (Nina’s) apartment, and finds that it’s been ransacked. She eventually realizes that her eyeball keychain is actually a USB drive. And afterwards, Prairie heads to Karim’s boat/home, where they have their first real talk after the octopus and the house. And then Karim heads back to Dr. Rhodes, where he finds her dead…either suicide, or murder, more probably the latter.

And in one of the most important conversations of the show, Prairie talks with Elodie, and she informs him that herself, Hap, and Homer are all traveling together. And that people’s interaction in one dimension echoes on throughout other dimensions. Which, basically defines where this show, The OA will be going in the next few seasons. The show is now locked and loaded to serialize these interactions in all their strangeness and cleverness. After, Prairie dives into a cold bath to reconnect with the Nina side of herself.

Hap convinces Scott to play the House’s game, in order to have another piece of his multi-verse map created. At the end, he harvests the plant and swallows it, allowing him to “see” elements of his future universe. And as the episode draws to a close, Ruskin leads Karim to Michelle’s body. So his task wasn’t to find Michelle after all? Oh, it was to bring her soul back… interesting.

Episode 8 – 10/10

We start in D2, with Nina heading back to Treasure Island. Homer takes her to see Hap and is locked in the glass elevator when the power goes out. Homer, trapped in the glass, has flashbacks to his time with Prairie… “We’ve only touched once before…”

Simultaneously, the gang of five in D1 head out to Treasure Island with the hope of helping The OA. And when they get there, Steve reunites with them. And Betty realizes that it was Steve who was asking for Betty’s help.

As Hap and Nina talk, we learn more about Dr. Percy’s relationship with Nina, and Ruskin as well as with the house. We learn that Dr. Percy was hired by Nina to find out why the men building the house we’re going mad. And then, when Nina left for Russia because of her father’s death, Percy aligned with Ruskin’s purposes for the house instead of hers, and betrayed her.

Karim, goes back to the house, and resolves the floor hexagon puzzle, but differently this time, which allows him to venture all the way to the Rose Window. But he got there by reading a quote from T.S. Eliot “We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” 

Renata, the original member of the abducted group by Hap, comes to Homer at the elevator window and learns that Homer has finally remembered his past in D1. He remembered luring her into the cage for Hap.

When we get back to Hap and Nina, he shows her the map of the multiverse he is making in the pool inside his office. Inside the pool are a number of people, French, Scott, Steve, Jesse, all there with the blooms of this seed in their minds growing out into the pool. Think about that, Jesse teleported to D2 when Steve did the movements after his death. Right? But what about French and Steve? When and how did they teleport, or was this just their parallel other? Regardless, once she realizes what Hap has done to her friends, he takes her out to show her the five robots doing the movements. Which means that not only did Hap make the robots bigger, but he also added a fifth one in order to not have to do the movements himself at all.

Prairie was given an opportunity to see a version of her life where she was given everything, a father who loved me, money, fulfillment of dreams. As Prairie I had none of these things, it was one hardship after another, and then I met you…Nina saw the whole world, but I saw underneath it…I was pressed down like coal, I suffered, that is what an angel is, dust pressed into a diamond by the weight of this world. You crushed me…But I died and came back with something you will never have, violence, terror, and loneliness…

Hap is going to teleport them both forward into a new Multiverse location. But The OA tells Hap that she will teleport them back to D1 where they are both dead. But Homer knocks Hap out of the circle, and the The OA and Homer embrace – touching for the second time. He tells her that he remembers, and then Hap shoots him. And zap, they are all(?) teleported to D3, where The OA falls out of the sky, on a Hollywood movie set and hits the ground.

Everyone, at that moment, teleported. Right, so pause for a second…we know that Buck is still in D1. And we know that Michelle moved on to D3 when she looked through the rose window. And we can surmise that at the end of the series, when Karim looks through the window, we are looking at Buck, not at Michelle. So Buck knocked Michelle back from D3 to D2? Which allowed her to wake with her grandmother at her bedside.

Another thing we need to think about is that D3 is a world, in which The OA television show is being made. And what do the people on stage call her? Brit. You know, as in, Brit Marling, the actress that plays Prairie. You know, like, in REAL LIFE? Hahaha. So ultra-meta. And now we know that D1 didn’t start in our multi-verse but somewhere else. And D2, a different place all together where Biden became president instead of Obama. And D3? Maybe, most likely, our multi-verse. This could get very, very interesting. Now, as the season comes to a close, Hap gets in the ambulance, declaring that he is Jason Isaacs…(which is the actor’s name that plays Hap), Brit’s husband. Now, that isn’t the case in real life…so I’m not 100% sold this is our multi-verse, but one can hope now, can’t we? And as the ambulance roars away, Steve hauls tail down the street and jumps in the ambulance with them both.

The End

A Few OA Season 2 Thoughts

I’ve already heard from a number of you as to what you think about The OA Season 2. Some of you are DYING to discuss the various ins and outs of the show. Some of you are absolutely adored it. Others of you – woah, did you hate it? It’s funny how this show has polarized viewers. And it’s true, it’s a polarizing show. Season 1 was intimate, and really close, and touching. I mean, we are talking about abducted hostages being killed over and over again over the period of seven years. And then you have the recluses that Prairie is telling her story to. The ones she is giving insight to. It is a really small, but profound story.

Season 2 on the other hand is LOUD, BIG, and BOMBASTIC. We have ESP-Capable Octopuses, we have crowd-sourced video games, we have not one, but THREE dimensions to suss out. There is so much going on so many different literal astral planes. Just a lot to keep track of. And for me? I absolutely loved it. Sorry haters, but I really enjoyed this season. Yes, it seemed to move too fast within the constraint of 8 episodes. Probably would have been better to fit this same content into 12. But who am I to question Netflix and the budget the creators Zal Batmanglij, Brit Marling were given. Heck, maybe it wasn’t even Netflix…maybe this was the plan all along. I don’t know. But even besides that opening gripe of too much too fast, I really enjoyed it. We were given a million answers to questions we had back in Season 1. We were given a raft of new questions to ask, and for Season 3 to answer. But best of all, is the fact that the show is now, suddenly, setup to serially continue. We have our Season 3 setup – and oh that hook is beautiful. And not only that, but we are guaranteed to have future room to grow into D4, D5, and wherever Brit and Zal want to take it. There is a lot of legroom in this particular vehicle…and that wasn’t a sure thing a week or two ago. So kudos to you the team that pulled that escape magic trick off.


Now, I have a ton of questions that only got bigger as the season progressed. Sure, Season 2 illuminated many things, but it also caused even more mind bending questions to hit me out of the blue…

  1. Who is Prairie’s brother? –
  2. What happens to the person traveled into?
  3. What happens to the body left behind for a traveler? (Elodie, allergic reaction 911 call)
  4. Who is Elodie, really?
  5. What ultimately happened with Jesse?

Question 1 Unpacked – We now know that Prairie has a sister, Nina, and we also know because of the conversation with the Old Night that she also has a brother. Who could her brother be? It could be that we haven’t met him yet, but the octopus said very clearly that Prairie takes him with her to each dimension as protection. In a move straight out of Star Wars, you know, Luke and Leia, could her brother be Homer? I think the only other possible candidates being another member of the abduction tribe – maybe Scott? But the most intriguing theory (yet difficult to defend), is that Karim is her brother. But let’s put a pin in that thought and come back to it later.

Question 2 Unpacked – When Prairie jumped from D1 to D2 7 hours into Season 2, she basically squashed Nina. Or did she displace her? Couldn’t be, because when Prairie climbed into the cold tub she was able to access the part of her that was Nina. Even more complicated, if my theory is correct, that Michelle moved to D3 when she found the Rose window, we see Michelle get knocked back to D2 when Buck arrives. And we know it’s Buck because his hair is short. Gah, and did he cut Michelle’s hair upon arrival? Hahahah. There are aspects of this logic that doesn’t 100% make sense to me.

Question 3 Unpacked – Now, remember, we have several instances in the show where people are killed as they travel. But this isn’t always how it happens. Remember when Elodie calls 911 and describes herself and tells them that she has appeared to have an allergic reaction? And she does this knowing full well that she is about to travel out of this dimension, leaving her body behind. Michelle also was left in a coma after she traveled (if, in fact, that is what she did). Does the soul leave the body behind until another traveler arrives, or the soul returns? And um, Elodie?!?! (see question #4)

Question 4 Unpacked – Elodie. She operates at a whole different level than even The OA operates. Remember, in episode five when she collapsed while surrounded by the movement bots…we all could safely assume she had fled Hap and the dimension. But in episode seven, she reappears to talk to Prairie and to even the playing field between the two of them. What the heck happened? Did Elodie honest just teleport intra-dimensionally? Not extra-dimensionally? That’s a thing? Does she have vessels/bodies ready and awaiting her arrival within a single dimension?!? Who is this Elodie and what is in that amazing bag of tricks of hers?

Question 5 Unpacked – OK, so as Season 2 was unfolding, we know that several of the characters were cohabiting two dimensions simultaneously. It maybe be that Jesse, when he committed suicide, and Steve did the movements for him, he jumped to Treasure Island, where he became a lab rat for Hap. That he definitely navigated the house with Hap’s help is a fact. He walked the same exact path as we watch Scott navigate. But is that what happened to Jesse? Was he teleported by his friend’s movements? Also, what about French, and Steve? How did they teleport?

Or, better yet, were these shells their others? What I mean is, French and Steve were definitely in D1 together in Treasure Island. But simultaneously, they were both being experimented on by Dr. Percy/Hap. What is happening here? We know from Elodie that there are echoes and patterns across the multi-verse. Is this just Steve2 and French2 that are acting autonomously, and coming to help because they were called? I cannot figure this one out no matter how hard I try.

Final Thoughts on OA Season 2

If you are an OA hater, and you have gotten this far down in this thread, you really really have to reevaluate what makes you tick. I promise you that you are in a high risk area of heart attack. Guaranteed. I personally saw the flaws of the show, and just decided to run with the story and let it take me where it wanted to go. And ultimately, I loved where we ended up at the end of the day. I know that it created even more questions than I thought possible. And these five are just the tip of the iceberg really. But at a raging 6,000 words, I think I probably need shut this down and hand it over to you guys for your thoughts, questions, and ideas.

With that in mind, if you have great things to add to this post, I’d be happy to drop them in for all the other readers that come along. Just comment your theories below and let’s let the conjecturing begin!

Edited by, CY