Netflix Movie Mirage Mindjob Madness Explained
Netflix Movie Mirage Mindjob Madness Explained - or how this Spanish film is so perfectly executed as to make your head spin... IMDB
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Hahahaha. Occasionally, a movie makes me feel like someone took a hand blender, pops my skullcap open, and just blends away my cerebral grey matter. And Mirage (originally entitled, Durante la tormenta – or During the Storm) is just such a movie. If you dig crazy movies that just unhinge your head completely, then dang, Mirage is your movie. There’s a dash of time travel, a dash of multiverse string theory, heck there’s even discussions of Hilbert Spaces, Cosmic Web Theory…there’s all kinds of mindjob goodness in this movie. And because this movie is right over there ——-> in that other tab you have open for Netflix, it’s simple enough for you to stop everything and watch it.

Oh, I’m sorry, did I forget to mention that the movie is in Spanish? Geeze. “But I don’t like reading my movies.” Then your movie world is going to be severely limited. And this movie proves that more than any other (well, that and the French movie Transit, which I reviewed just the other day)…but there is without a doubt, no lack of foreign language films today that are all worth our time.

Netflix Movie Mirage Walkthrough

First things first, we’ll talk through the basic details of the movie. And then, after we do that we’ll do another overview of the movie, but not sequentially per se, but rather an outline of the various timeline loops and their effects on the participants. Or something like that. It’ll make sense once you see it.

A storm is hitting Spain. A big storm. A storm so big, that it may actually split the space time continuum and cause all manner of chaos. And our story begins back in 1989, with a boy named Nicolás Lasarte Leira, and his video recorder. While recording, he hears chaos happening from next door, investigates, and sees that Hilda Weiss has been stabbed to death. Nico runs, and is hit by a car and is killed while crossing the street.

Cut to 25 years in the future, and a woman named Vera. Their family has recently moved into Nico’s home and they discover his recording equipment. And the exact same storm that clobbered Spain 25 years prior has returned, and somehow, Vera begins to see back in time to when Nico was recording, just before he died. But this time, knowing Nico is about to die, Vera convinces Nico to not investigate the murder across the street. Nico listens, but causes all manner of chaos as a result of his inaction.

Vera, once married and with a daughter, now has neither of those things, but is now a vaunted neurosurgeon. Better yet, in this secondary timeline Angel, the murderer of his wife, got away with it. Well, Vera is determined to do literally anything she can to get her daughter back. In this new timeline, Vera had performed surgery on David, but they never met via her friendship with Aitor. And Aitor’s mother is married to Angel, the neighbor across the street – but we’ll get to this momentarily. But Vera, she didn’t drop out of med-school to stay home and watch her baby girl. And determined to get her daughter and husband back, she goes to the police to tell her sordid tale of time-traveling weirdness and chaos.

Now, jumping past Karen Sardon’s book about Nico and his time traveling communications with Vera. And jumping past all manner of detective work between Vera and the police, we learn that they only have a few hours left before the storm dissipates and with it Vera’s window to get her daughter back. And remembering that Angel was going to bury his wife on the grounds of his abattoir, but couldn’t because he was caught, (today’s vocab word of the day, along with, prestidigitation, and mastication) Vera takes the police out to find Hilda Weiss’ body. And then the police take in Angel, as well as his new wife, Clara Medina. Meanwhile, Vera takes the address given to her by the police and finds that David is having an affair. Ultimately, Vera finds Nico and learns that Nico is the lead detective helping her with her “lost daughter.”

Wait Who Is Nico Again?

OK, so stop a second. Did you catch that, the police detective, who has been helping Vera since the beginning of timeline2 reboot, is Nico. Twenty five years later, he is grown up, and hell-bent on solving the Angel murder next door. And that is how we learned that in this timeline, when Nico chose to not to get involved with the murder, he was forced to give back the watch he “stole” from the house, and for the next years, he suffers all manner of psychoanalysis and mental interventions for his time-traveling psychosis. But he never gave up looking for Vera, the woman he knew he would see again in 25 years. And his obsession was so big that he ended up accidentally derailing Vera’s life with David as well as the birth of her daughter.

Does that make sense? So, in timeline two, instead of Vera’s relationship with David her husband, she is swept away into a relationship with Nico. But when the timeline splinters, she doesn’t remember any of that. All she knows is timeline one, because those are her memories, and is her life. And because Vera knows that her time in timeline2 without her daughter is over, she knows that she is done there. Which is why she knows that she can commit suicide and expect that Nico will do absolutely anything he can to get back to Vera. Well, to do that, Nicolas uses his old TV to connect back to timeline1, and tells Nico that he needs his help.

And just like the previous two timelines, Vera snaps awake, wondering what this timeline holds for her. And there, in her bed, is David, her husband from timeline1. Vera finds the matches she threw outside, and this is her confirmation that timeline3 is actually a re-coupling of timeline2 and timeline1. But now, Vera knows that David is an adulterer. And she also knows that Angel, who is free again, is a murderer. So, Vera heads to the abattoir and digs up Angel’s wife’s remains. And then she heads to the police in order to tell them about the murder, and about how she knows what happened. And in so doing, she meets Nico again…but this time, Nico has no idea who she is or the relationship they have had in timeline2, because it never happened.

One of the key details that I sort of glossed over, was the fact that the reason Angel was able to get away with Hilda’s murder in timeline2, was because he used Clara Medina (his lover) to impersonate Hilda, via new passport documents. She also utilized Hilda’s bank account in order to make it appear like she was alive. But it was the watch, with the inscription of CM on the back that proved Clara Medina wasn’t Hilda Weiss.

That Was Too Fast Explain Again

I know that as I walked us through the film I basically regurgitated the film as it happened on the screen. But if you look at it again from Nico’s perspective we can gain a deeper understanding for what actually happened:

  1. T1 – 1989 – Nico is recording and hears the murder happening
  2. T1 – He investigates and is hit by a car and dies
  3. T1 – 2014 – Vera tells Nico to not investigate the murder
  4. T2 – 1989 – Nico doesn’t investigate, and survives
  5. T2 – ’89-’00 – Nico is under psych eval & watch
  6. T2 – Nico becomes a police detective and finds Vera
  7. T2 – Nico & Vera don’t have kids
  8. T2 – 2014 – Vera snaps into T2 from T1 and forgets Nico
  9. T2 – Nico and Vera solve the murder and arrest Angel
  10. T2 – Vera realizes Nico has to solve her daughter problem
  11. T2 – Nico contacts himself in T1 1989 and asks for help
  12. T3 – 1989 – Nico doesn’t investigate the murder
  13. T3 – Nico also leaves Vera alone, just like his older self asked
  14. T3 – 2014 – Vera finds Hilda Weiss’ body
  15. T3 – Vera introduces herself to the lead investigator, Nico

Does that make a little bit more sense? So, can we know what happened after Vera introduces herself to Nico? Well, yes, we can actually. We know that Vera’s husband, David, is an unfaithful git. And we know that she knows because she was actually on to him at the beginning of the movie, and got the final confirmation she needed with the matches in the secondary timeline (when David wasn’t her husband). So, similarly to Nico explaining their life together before she jumped, Vera will most likely explain what happened in their lives together in the previous timeline.

And after that? Nico will most likely falsify evidence against David, and have him sent to prison for a very long time. Or something like that.

Final Thoughts on Mirage

It is really really rare, ultra rare, über rare even, for a time travel or a multi-verse movie to be as nicely tied up as Mirage is at the end. I mean, everything snapped together perfectly. Even Vera’s collapse of her marriage and child’s existence was looped back into the larger story. The bow on the various threads is just impeccable. The writers on Mirage really need a standing ovation.

Edited by, CY

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11 Responses

  1. Lisa

    I was going to put this one in the recommendation section but I wasn’t sure how you felt about subtitles. Now I know better. Definitely worth watching!

  2. Rob Katz

    I loved this movie too! However, since I love time travel movies I have to poke 1 whole. Why doesn’t Nico remember timeline 2 in timeline 3 the same way Vera remembered timeline 1 in timeline 2. If Vera altered time from 1 to 2 and remember 1 when she altered time this is the time traveling rule the director/writers set (as we are clearly accepting this reality that this is all possible). So then when Nico alters time again but wakes up as his currently older self now in timeline 3 he should mainly remember timeline 2 and know Vera. Not sure if that was too confusing of an explanation, but as a time travel movie fan I think it would have been tied up in a more perfect bow if Nico just walked up behind her and said “hi Vera”. The only explanation I can think of is that the Nico at the end of the movie was still the Nico that lived timeline 3 and the older Nico from timeline 2 hadn’t arrived yet in his newly created timeline 3. So it would have been nice if they added more to the movie to show that part or just made that the ending as I already mentioned. The other whole is how does Vera remember anything from 2? If Nico altered the past again creating 3 then Vera should only remember 1, as younger Nico didn’t remember dying from 1 in 2. That said, I still loved the movie but just love debating these things, and I also give a standing ovation. You should check out Predestination, Sorcecode, frequency and Edge of Tomorrow all movies I love to rewatch and debate over and would love to know your thoughts. I’m going to watch Train wreck soon though (might look for a English dubbed version though…sorry hah) thanks for the recommendation would love any others you have!

  3. Robert

    The big question would be “what did Timeline2 Adult Nico tell the kid Nico? What “help” was that?

  4. Casey

    But when Vera found Nico in the last scene, why were they the same age? Wouldn’t Nico be 30 years older than Vera? Sorry Lol Mind blown.

  5. Barbie.C

    Nico was probably around 10-13 ish maybe in 1989 so he’d be in her mid late thirties and if he was a lil bit younger in 1989, say maybe like 8 years old , he would be 32 years old. He is somewhere around his 30s. While Vera could have been a lil few years after 1989. So she’d be somewhere in her 20s. I’d say she is early 20s? As she does have a child and stopped along med school

  6. Barbie.C

    Nico was probably around 10-13 ish maybe in 1989 so he’d be in her mid late thirties and if he was a lil bit younger in 1989, say maybe like 8 years old , he would be 32 years old. He is somewhere around his 30s. While Vera could have been a lil few years after 1989. So she’d be somewhere in her 20s. I’d say she is early 20s? As she does have a child and stopped along med school . Or Vera could have been born exactly a year after 1989

  7. Barbie.c

    Nico could have been around age of 10-13 or but younger in 1989, and in 2014 (25 years in future ) he’d b sum where in his 30s. While Vera is prob on her early 20s , she prob could been born a year after 1989 or a lil after. But since she has a daughter and stopped mid her med school career. She’s prob in her early 20s

  8. Aruthra

    I would like to share what I think is the perfect description of the happenings.
    The premise of the film is pretty apparent, the Butterfly Effect, which means if you make one small change to an event in the past, it cascades into a substantial turn of events in the future. Mirage has totally three timelines created because of conversations between a person in the future and the past.
    In 1989, 72-hour electric storm breaks out, and a small boy Nico looking through his room window witnesses a violent scene in the house of his neighbour, Ángel Prieto. He ventures into the house and stumbles on Hilda Weiss, Prieto’s wife, lying dead in the house. Seeing Mr. Prieto with a knife, Nico tries to escape and is accidentally hit by a car on the road. Prieto is arrested and he confesses that he would have buried the body under his butcher-house if he had not got arrested and commits suicide in prison three months later.

    Family Story: Aitor, Clara’s son and the bestfriend of Nico (now dead), grows up with his mother, who has been living with the guilt of murder. Years later, Aitor happens to meet Vera on a train, and one day she loses her balance and falls on Aitor. The two become friends, and eventually, Aitor introduces Vera to his buddy David and the two fall in love and get married. David leaves his girlfriend to be with Vera, and Vera quits her preparation to become a neuro-surgeon when she gives birth to their child, Gloria and moves into the house Nico once lived.

    Twenty-five years after Nico’s death, on November 9th 2014, an electrical storm similar to 1989 comes. Vera and David find an old TV set in a storeroom along with a Video Recorder and Cassettes used by Nico earlier. In the night, Vera wakes up and notices that the television is on and a small boy is shown trying to fix the TV connection (similar to what was happening moments before he heard noises from the window in T1). The storm has somehow connected the TV from 2014 to 1989. They both realise and start talking with each other, later she tries to warn Nico not to go out on the road so he does not get hit. This communication creates a new timeline.
    Once inside the house, Nico hides under a bed and watches Angel put Weiss’s body in a suitcase. He also finds Clara’s watch and takes it with him. Nico informs his mother and then the cops. But he’s a young kid, and along with the murder, he mentions the woman from the future on the TV warning him. The police obviously assume that Nico is making up the story to cover up his breaking in and stealing Angel’s watch. Angel, Clara, and Aitor move in together. When Nico had talked to Vera over the television, he had noticed a railway station board that Vera claims to have stolen. Over the years, Nico visits the station hoping that one day he will run into Vera again. And finally, one day, he does. Nico enters the train to sit across Vera (instead of Aitor). When Vera loses her balance, she falls on Nico and not Aitor. Nico and Vera fall in love, and two get married. They don’t have a child, so Vera goes on to become a neuro-surgeon. In T2, Vera doesn’t meet David until he lands up as a patient who she operates on. She shares no other relationship with David, who is married to his girlfriend.

    Eventually, on November 9th 2014, the electrical storm appears (remember that its not T1 now), and something bizarre happens. After the earlier conversation, Vera wakes up in her hospital in a parallel timeline to a new reality where no one is aware of the above incidents other than her. The consciousness of Vera from T1 gets written on to Vera from T2.
    Vera realizes that she’s not a nurse but a doctor. David is married to someone else. Gloria was never born. She is disturbed and then starts thinking if she can interact with Nico once again then she would be able to correct what she has done wrong. She visits the police and tells them the entire story which is difficult for anyone to believe in. Inspector Leyra (Nico) understands quite well that she’s forgotten her current life because of the storm and the Timeline disruption. He asks some proof which can make him trust her. Vera tells the inspector to dig and look for the body of Ms. Weiss beneath the butcher house. Nico sends Vera to a hotel room where she finds out that David is cheating on his wife with one of the nurses. Nico does this to let Vera know that the man she got married to in T1 wouldn’t have been true to her. Angel and Clara are taken in for questioning where Nico reveals that he was the kid who once testified against Angel. Once the tests on the bones come back, he will have the proof to lock Angel and Clara away. During the interrogation, it is also revealed that Clara accidentally stabbed Weiss in the hustle.

    When Vera visits the given place, she is shocked to find David cheating on his wife with a nurse to whom he met during his surgery. Vera blackmails David, who is a bank employee, for getting information about Nico. She is surprised to find that Inspector Leyra is Nico Lacarte who is in a relationship with her in this reality. Leyra tells her how he prevented her to meet David and Aitor so that he could be with her. Nico meets Vera and explains what has happened in T2. And that it is just a matter of time when they could go back to their lives as husband and wife. Though Vera doesn’t care for David anymore, she still can’t let go of Gloria’s memories. Vera asks Nico to reach out to his past and create a new pathway where he doesn’t grow up with an obsession for her, and then falls off the balcony knowing that he would do what she insisted. Before the storm ends, Nico is forced to set up the TV and talk to himself from 1989. This conversation happens after younger Nico reports the murder to police and returns back home, and sits in front of the TV eagerly waiting for the connection with the women from future happen again. At this moment, the older Nico appears on TV.
    We aren’t shown what the conversation between the Nicos is, but he gives himself enough instruction so that he never runs into Vera. When the right time will come everything will be in proper order he will meet the lady and Angel will be punished for killing his wife. He convinced his younger self to keep quiet and wait for the right time. In this new Timeline 3, Nico grows old to be an inspector. Nico has not yet met Vera, and she’s married to David and their child Gloria exists. While Vera thinks she is back in T1, this is soon proven wrong because Angel is not in prison but is living with Clara and Aitor. Timeline 3 is a mix of T1 and T2. Vera also confirms that David has been sleeping with the nurse in this new timeline. She now has the combined memories of both T1 and 2. She then calls the police to report a body beneath the butcher-house where she meets Inspector Leyra hoping to start a new relationship with him along with her daughter. The movie ends with Vera saying “You know me, its just that it hasn’t happened yet”. Though not recognizing her initially, Nico smiles at Vera as he realizes that she’s the woman from his television in 1989. We can now assume that the two of them get together, and Angel is sent to jail.

    Why isn’t there a big age difference between them?
    In 2014, Vera is around 35. In 1989, Nico is 8 years. Because Vera then wakes up in a fresh new timeline, which is in the year 2014, where she is still 35, Nico is now grown up and is 33 years old in 2014.

    When Nico decided to fix his past and set up the connection, why didn’t he appear on TV before Vera appears to the younger Nico?
    Because if he did, then we will all miss the future relationship between Vera and Nico in T3.

  9. Sharon Mitchell

    This film was fantastic and I really did try getting my head around it LOL… about mind boggling. I understood most of it, but I was confused with the ending on Timeline 3 – Did Nico recognise Vera as there was a vague smile ? Did he recognise that she was the Lady from the TV set who warned him to stay in the house when he was a Kid ? And what would he have told his younger self in Timeline 2 when he connected through the TV and spoke to himself ? Did he then ask his younger self to destroy the TV ? So my question is, in Timeline 3, did Nico recollect speaking to Vera in the future ?

  10. Alan

    I just watched this movie on Netflix last night (and it was in English, not Spanish, no subtitles necessary). Then I came to this website to make sure I understood it. :-)
    I think I can answer your questions. I think Nico did not recognize Vera at first, but her cryptic comment that “you know me, it just hasn’t happened yet” made him realize she was the woman he saw in the TV set when he was 8. What he told his younger self was to NOT try to find that woman from the TV, because he knew he had to let her marry David and have Gloria with him, and he also knew that his older self would eventually meet Vera when she dug up the bones of Angel’s murdered wife. And he must have also told his younger self to somehow get rid of the old TV set, so no one could mess with the timeline again!


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