Innovative Indie Movie Prospect is Worth Your Time
Innovative Indie Movie Prospect is Totally Worth Your Time. Because, heck ya, this is the closest thing to a second coming of the original Star Wars you'll ever see. IMDB
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I’ve never seen a movie like Prospect before. When the original short film hit YouTube, it was a sensation. Not only for its unique storyline, but more so for its atmospheric surroundings, retro-futuristic feel, and totally outside the box screenplay writing. So let’s get to why the innovative indie movie Prospect is totally worth your time…

Prospect, and its short film pedigree, reminds me of the brilliant little short film by Damon Russell called Cul-De-Sac, (Which, you have got to watch, right here.) where there are just metric tons worth of tension and layered nuance piled tight into a small movie. A film that is able to make sub-text, the text. Here too, with Prospect, we have just a gloriously lovely film, with enormous visuals, and a character arc to die for. Since when do we see young women plot-arcs of forgiveness and retribution? (Don’t start throwing movie title at me, it’s rare, but obviously not undone.) And better yet, you have enormously great actors. Sophie Thatcher as Cee, Jay Duplass as Damon (uh, The One I Love, yeah…he helped make that), and Pedro Pascal as Ezra (who apparently played the role of Oberyn Martell in GOT). Let me just say that these are three really fantastically good actors. OK? I adored the King James “Bad Guy” of Ezra. The Well Intentioned Father, “Good Guy” of Damon. And the Clueless Struggling Survivor of Cee. Anyway, here is the trailer, that, as always, you should skip, and just head straight here, here, or here, for the feature film. But whatever. You do you.

Prospect Movie Spoilers Walkthrough

First things first, Prospect is a smart movie, for a smart viewer, that assumes you can figure things out as this fully built world unfolds in front of you. The screenplay writers and directors, Zeek Earl and Christopher Caldwell, think so highly of you, that they refuse to pander. We are introduced to a new planet, new norms of transport, and new commercial methods, and yet none of it, is even momentarily exposited for us.

Damon and Cee, father and daughter, are headed to the green planet of Endor (no, sorry, that isn’t right), to this green planet for a specific purpose, mining and riches. But when they are jumped by Ezra and his companion, and Damon and Ezra’s companion end up dead, it leaves Cee and her father’s killer, Ezra, to find a way to survive this chaos. And to make matters worse, there is something about their mothership not making any return trips to this planet, so their last hope for getting off this planet ends in 2 or 3 days. Did I mention they don’t go out of their way to explain everything? Yeah, because they don’t.

It’s the tension between Cee and Ezra that makes this film work. 100%. The obvious distrust she has for the man who killed her father drives them apart. And yet the desperation, and need for survival drives them to share an air line even. And ultimately, they decide that the only way to get off the planet and make it back to the last transport is to jump the guys awaiting them at the “motherload” deposit and take their ride. But when neither Ezra or Cee are able to safely extract the gems from their acidic pouches, everything goes sideways quickly. Ezra and Cee end up fighting their way out of the situation.

Innovative Indie Movie Prospect is Totally Worth Your Time

Prospect’s Foil Ending is about Forgiveness

The what here just doesn’t matter, but basically, one guy is killed and shoved into the motherload at an attempt at a cover up. Another miner is killed covering up the cover up. And in the meantime Ezra is shot, and assumes he is going to die. There was no real question here. Ezra was a dead man. And yet, Cee, made heroic efforts to save him.

Now, think about that for a second. Cee has her father killed by a man trying to steal their mined gems. She is now stranded on some backwater planet that no one is traveling to anymore. And here she is, stuck working with this man. And yet, she saves his life, not once, but twice. The first time by cutting his arm off in order to keep from poisoning his blood stream. And the second time by coming back to him, and helping him make it onboard their last chance to get off the planet.

The story arc for Cee is unbelievably rich. Watching her go from protected daddy’s girl, to self-surviving go-getter, all the way to forgiver and hero, all in one fell swoop? Just a really enlightened character arc. I’d do well to manage that level of forgiveness over the course of my lifetime, let alone over the course of 3 days.

Innovative Indie Movie Prospect is Totally Worth Your Time

Final Thoughts on Prospect

Prospect would have lit Hollywood on fire, and revolutionized the entire industry…if it weren’t for one small movie called Star Wars. The world building on display here is second to none. Well, maybe, except for Star Wars that is. The old school futurism of the suits, the ships, the guns (throwers), the tech, the mining subculture, is all just gorgeously detailed. It’s so completely realized that it feels like a place the viewer could step through the screen into this literally real place. And as robust as the world is, the story is opposite world in its simplicity. It’s the story of injustice carried through to forgiveness. And really, what better story is there to tell?

If you are interested in watching the original short film that lead to this movie, you can find it below. I would love to talk through the details of the differences between the two. Personally, the full length version is so much better. But I don’t know, what did you think?

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6 Responses

    • Taylor Holmes

      Oh that? That was just me being a complete ignoramus. I added it… finally. Thanks for tipping me off to my cluelessness – yet again! hahaha. And if you want a tip on what I’m watching right now – Chernobyl is out of control. That and When They See Us. Two crazy crazy true life stories. But Prospect is a definite must watch if you haven’t seen it yet.

  1. Lisa

    No worries. It happens. I watched both of those. Great stuff. There are still people that believe those boys to be guilty which is pure insanity. And you know who calling for the death penalty. I’ve been bickering with folks about it on Facebook. I was still pretty young when both of these events happened so they were truly eye opening shows. Especially how they tried to stem the flow of the real info about Chernobyl. What boggled my mind was the ease of which people walked into that reactor area without proper covering to work knowing they would most certainly die for it and the firemen being sent there without the proper gear. Oh and none of the area hospitals having any iodine pills! I guess these are sort of spoilers but it’s history too.

  2. Sarah

    Loved this movie, amazing world building and details. A difference I saw between the short film and the feature film was the father and his encouragement or lack of encouragement of his daughter’s creative tendencies. While short film dad was very supportive of her artwork, I preferred the dynamic of feature film dad who was more tough with her and seemed to drive home the idea that making money and surviving are most important. I liked that dynamic better since she still loved her father but probably had a “tough love” upbringing, helpful during the perils of the rest of the movie. She was portrayed as a confident, strong willed young woman who could handle herself and I loved her character. Hoping these filmmakers keep making movies! :)

    • Taylor Holmes

      If you think about it, the lack of relationship with the father, and the lack of support, allowed the viewer the space to let her forgive her father’s killer. It also forced her to grow as a person, and realize she was able to get out from under the thumb of her father… to do it. Whatever it is. It’s the quintessential bildungsroman, that explodes past that, into a totally different eduction of life and survival! (I was sort of making fun of myself there… never mind.) But yeah, it was interesting to see the critical differences between the two.


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