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I absolutely adore Netflix’s new headjob of a show, Dark. I personally think that in two seasons, the show has blown away bigger and more prestigious shows in this same genre. It’s a better, more concise, and a way more mind blowing show than shows like Stranger Things, Westworld and even Lost. So no, I am not someone that will have a balanced, and even keeled vantage about the show. So, deal. Even worse, I’ve got a Dark Family Tree I’m presenting to you today – a family tree that will cover both seasons 1 and season 2 – that took me over 120 hours to create. It’s mind blowing how much work went into this diagram.

I actually didn’t intend to share this with everyone when I first created it. As I was watching season 1 I couldn’t keep it all straight, and so I found myself screen-scraping people’s faces, and dumping them into a photoshop file just to keep them straight. And as I marched deeper into season 1, I then began connecting family members, and their various love interests. I also started jotting little notes about the characters and their motivators and numerous different convoluted details about them underneath. It just organically grew and grew. Which, explains the crazy complexities that permeate this family tree below. But before you go any further – you have to make certain you’ve seen the show, from beginning to end. Every episode. To just keep scrolling is a crime against humanity. No seriously. So don’t do it. Just bounce out to here, watch season 1 and 2, and then come back and gander my family tree then.

A Netflix Dark Diagram Primer

Regardless, when I stood back and looked at it, I realized that this could be a primer for other fans of the show that are wondering what the heck was happening while they were watching. The season 1 family tree, is best for sorting out the details of season 1, and this family tree takes into account both seasons… but may be harder to understand. So if you’d like the season 1 family tree, you can get it right here.

It discusses the Nielsens, the Dopplers, the Tiedemanns, and every other family of the show. And while the season 2 family tree didn’t change massively in structure (no new major families were added, no families removed), there are links and connections now that would have blown my mind back in Season 1 if I had understood where it was going. There are new connections now, new parents, new children, new complicated paradoxes that could cause an unsuspecting person’s head to explode.

So yeah, one final warning, looking closely at this family tree will basically tell you everything you need to know about both season 1 and season 2 of lost. Download it at your peril. And like my last poster, I’m giving you an opportunity to donate to the work it took (120 hours now) to make this poster possible.

Donation Amount

Alright, without further ado… Here is the season 2 Dark Family Tree. In order to get access the full file (all 11,000 pixels wide, and 7,500 pixels high of it) just click the image below:

Netflix Dark Season 2 Family Tree Reveal - or how 120 hours later, I finally got the family tree I needed to understand the Netflix show Dark

(clicking the image not working – try here as well.)

I am currently working on a detailed Dark Season 2 walkthrough that will probably be out in the next couple days. Tons and tons to discuss. But I’ve gotten so many requests for my Dark Season 2 Family Tree, that I figured I should just post that first.

A couple things to note… you need to get acquainted with your zoom button. It’s too big to understand otherwise. Also, I have emphasized a few specific types of relationships as denoted (connoted? No definitely denoted) by the legend at the bottom. Murders are listed by links in blank. Sic Mundus connections are linked in grey. Romantic liaisons are listed in red. And the Sic Mundus opposition links are connected in green. Also, pay attention to the lines linking family members. I’ve tried to be as intentional as I can to convey as much information graphically as opposed to relying solely on the notes.

I expect this to be wrong in some spots at first. This document is too big to be perfect out of the gate. So feel free to suggest changes or updates. And with that – there you have it, Netflix Dark Season 2 Family Tree Reveal.

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4 Responses

  1. Lisa

    This is great. Thank you! I wish more people wouldn’t mind reading subtitles because there is tons of goodness out there and many shows so much better than ours. This is definitely one example. I was hopelessly lost when I started watching season 2 just because it was a long time in between seasons but to see the connections is very helpful. Looking forward to your in depth overview to see what I missed.

  2. Daniel

    I’m not sure your theory on Hannah being the mother of Claudia is correct. At the time Hannah travels back to 1953 to see Ulrich in jail, we have already seen Claudia, Tronte and Helge. I do agree that it looks as if Hannah and Egon at some point in time have an affair but this happens later on after Claudia is all ready born and teaching math to Helge and hanging out with Tronte near the caves where she loose her dog.

  3. Mace

    Gaahhh! I forgot all the relationships and watched the first episode of Season 2. Lost.
    Lost! Need that Season 2 Starter Kit!


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