THiNC. Rock Paper Scissors Final!!!

We’ve been doing this crazy, stupid competition – a “virtual” Rock Paper Scissors competition – for some crazy stupid prizes. A pile of Unknown movies, some blu-rays of The One I Love. And I even “sweetened” the purse with some THiNC. swag as well. You know, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and the like. And now we are in the semi-finals and finals. Today we learn who won our crazy stupid competition!!! YES! (Everyone who wins… please be patient with me, I’m flying to like Louisiana (no, I do not know why I’m flying to Louisiana, please don’t ask) tomorrow morning. But I’m good for your prizes. I promise.)

So here’s how this competition has been “working”. Anyone that was interested could send me 30 random Rock/Paper/Scissors picks, and I’d pit them head to head against other randomly assigned contestants and we see who had the best RPS mad-skills. So the first round, that happened last week, resulted in these winners and these semi-finals match ups…

So today we’ll see Minka and CY face off against one another. Then Kelley Jo and Lauralee. And after that we’ll see the winners of those two rounds fight for the finals.

Make some NOISE!!!! Just had a picture in my mind of one of you random people just going nuts at your computer at work… Ok, never mind. Don’t make some noise. Just sit there quietly and read…

Semi-Finals Round One!!!

Minka and CY face off in round one of our Semi-Finals. Both Minka, and CY were absolute monsters in our challenge last week. I’m sure this will be an absolute knock down, drag out, battle… here we go!!! MINKA/CY – FIGHT!

And with that CY advances to the Final!

Semi-Finals Round Two!!!

Kelley Jo and Lauralee are two of my favorites to win this entire competition. I mean, look at the natural killer instinct in these two competitors! They are titans in the world wide chaos of Rock/Paper/Scissors. I mean, I expect that both of these challengers will be picked up by Red Bull and X-Games here soon friends. Two talents to watch, for sure. Alright, enough gabbing – let’s fight… round two!!

And just like that, Lauralee shows her real dominance in the world of RPS. Just like that she eviscerated her opponent. Sorry, Kelley Jo, but I’m sure your future is bright now that you know just how good you are at this “sport”. But only two people can advance to the finals, and those two competitors have been decided.

Rock Paper Scissors – the Final!

Lauralee – meet CY. CY, pleased to introduce you to Lauralee! With that, I have no more words. The adrenaline is coursing through my veins. The crowds are going crazy. Let’s unleash these two beasts into the arena and see what happens next, shall we?!? FIGHT!

WAIT, WHAT?!? Lauralee wins in a perfect/flawless victory?!? Is that even possible at this level of competition?! Apparently it is, because Lauralee just did it! Unbelievable. Truly fantastic. Sorry CY, can I get you a back brace and a neck brace for those injuries? I mean, holy cow, decimate much Lauralee? Sheesh.

Man I had a lot of fun with this insanity. Just a good time. Thanks to everyone that humored me and my weirdness. You were all too kind.

Now to the Fine Print…

If you played at all – whether you lost your first match or not – I’m happy to send you a copy of the DVD Unknown. Our benevolent benefactor looted a Pawn Shop or something, and sent them my way. So if you are interested, I’d be happy to mail you one. It’s a great movie, and impossible to watch on online at all. So there’s that.

Kelley Jo, Minka, CY and Lauralee, please send me your addresses so I can send you some loot. I have no idea what exactly at this point will come your way, but I’ll hook you up. Also, t-shirt sizes would be great if you’d like a t-shirt. Come on, that’s a cool shirt right there – who wouldn’t want that shirt?! Oh, one more final, small print thing… cut me some slack on delivery time. Some of the items I can do right away (as society six will be shipping) the stuff I will be shipping… your guess is as good as mine as to when I can get to it. Gotta get back from Louisana and then Portland to make that happen. Fair? Thanks for not eating me alive.

Anyway, thanks everyone for playing. It was a blast!

THiNC. Management