The Definitive Netflix Dark Season 3 Family Tree

WooT!!! After almost a hundred hours of work, I have finally finished the world’s first “The Definitive Netflix Dark Season 3 Family Tree.” If you searched for Dark Season 3 Family Tree, you know what I’m talking about. All those other posts don’t even try. You, right now, are desperate to find a map to what the heck is going on in Dark…from front, to back. From Dark Season 1, episode 1, all the way through to Dark season 3, episode 8…you are dying to know how it all fits together. I know you are, because as soon as I finished episode 8, I was like WAHHHHT!?!? And had to basically watching everything over again to piece it all together again for you guys.

I have been talking about Netflix’s amazing television show since it first come out. You can see some of the numerous posts I’ve made about this show here, here, and here. And although, I seriously considered posting this as a poster that you could buy, I got shot down by lawyers, and what nots. Why? Because it is worth $10 just from a peace of mind standpoint. But something about copyright. So, I’m not going to sell it to you. I’m giving it away. But if you could donate, it’d help me recoup the hours and hours and hours I’ve poured into my Dark Season 1-3 family trees. It’d be a huge help. And you’ll feel like a champ knowing you are supporting crazy people like myself building crazy things like this! hahah.


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Dark Family Tree Season 3 Explained

First and foremost, these maps will snap your head clean off if you haven’t watched this show from beginning to end. But! If you have only seen Season 1, you are welcome to check out my Season 1 Family Tree. If you’ve Season 2, then you are welcome to my Dark Season 2 family tree. You getting how this is working? Great. So, first, remember to donate, THEN, because some of you have a trouble with this, click the image below, in order to get to the BIG BIG version. The writing is super small, and you have to zoom in order to really see all that is going on.

Season 1 Family Tree

The Definitive Netflix Dark Season 3 Family Tree

Oh, I remember those days. Back when we thought there was just one crazy, time traveling world to keep track of! We were so naive. But then came Season 2 of Dark and it blew our minds!

Season 2 Family Tree

The Definitive Netflix Dark Season 3 Family Tree

Man, it took me so many hours to untangle the new messes that Season 2 brought to the family tree. So many headaches to keep track of. So many entanglements! Oh, but then Alt-Martha appeared at the end of Dark Season 2, and woah, did it destroy that family tree!!!

Season 3 Family Tree

Take a deep breath. We can do this together. Heck, breath into a bag for a second if you need to. Personally have an straight oxygen face mask on right now…about to go straight up catatonic I’m that wigged out. Maybe I’ll give you one more chance to make a donation before we get to the Dark Season 3 full family tree?!? Can’t give you guys too many chances!!

This image is BIG. Like, 10 or 15 times bigger than your laptop screen. Literally, it’s too big to fit on the side of a building. Which means, you’ll need to zoom in to really read it, and understand the various links between families and worlds. So, I will give you the entire file here. Just click on the image, and let it load. (RIP my hosting bandwidth! Oh my gosh. My bill this month is going to be outrageous!! hahaha.)

The Definitive Netflix Dark Season 3 Family Tree

Come on. That thing is goodness and light. But, you know what? I know it’s not perfect. And, if you see something that isn’t right, or that you’d like added, just mention it in the comments. I’ve been too close to it for too many hours straight. So all help will be greatly appreciated.

Alright! There you have it. What did you think of my Definitive Netflix Dark Season 3 Family Tree? My episode by episode break down will be coming out soon. But I needed to get the Dark Season 3 Family Tree off of my back first. PHEW. Alright, now I’m done with it. Glad that is over with. Love to hear your thoughts, and tweaks in the comments below. Thanks!

And while there is literally no other show like Dark – but if you are looking for something in the same vein – here are my top 3 picks:


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