Quick Server Outage Announcement

Quick Server Outage Announcement.

This morning – THiNC.’s web server crashed hard. Like, faceplant hard. Like, 82 miles an hour down a mountain road on a skateboard, triple gainer off of an acorn, onto a gravel pathway, face first. Let’s be super clear, I’m lucky they were able to restore from backups at all.

Anyway, all that to say – the server exploded, and so did the last two days of posts (there were 3 – one on a Bespoke Movie Recommendation I did for Erika, a new Patreon subscriber, a post about a book I’m writing which I appealed to you for help on – gah that was a good post, and also, a post about I’ll Be Gone In The Dark – gah, another good post.)

OH! Worse yet? All your comments over the past 48 hours?


I’d restore from my backups… uhm. But those are gone too. Yes. I know. They should be stored in the belly of a salt mine somewhere. You are right. But the dailies (aka, for today and yesterday) were still on the server. Weekly I do log shipping, and weekly I move backups. Gah. So yeah, when that server exploded into a million stars? So did your witty, and brilliant comments. Along with my, never to be reproduced bespoke movie recommendations, my post on I’ll be Gone in the Dark, and my book idea help request.

Sure, maybe you’ll wander back, find the hole where your comment was, and try and give us some dull facsimile of your brilliance. It’ll lack the luster, sure. But we’ll appreciate your attempt all the same. (I saw one comment that came in yesterday that was like 3 pages. Like single spaced, 1500 words sort of comment. (You guys are crazy like that – I love it.) Yeah, that thing is gone for good for sure. I too will try and find time to try and recreate my missing posts. But my brain is already thinking about The Devil All the Time, man! Tenet! I can’t slow down and go backwards! Awful.

Anyway, I’d like to remind you that these things. These horrifying Louisville Sluggers to the head…they are the definition of, first world problems. We have the left coast completely on fire. We are on the verge of 200k dead from Covid here in the United States. Losing 2 days of my little blog data is nothing. Trust me. hhahaha… I know! So weep no more my friend. Dry those tears. We will make it through this anguish together. I promise.

OK? OK. So, maybe cut me a little grace as I try and put the pieces to the server back together again. In the meantime, do me a solid and sign up to support me on Patreon. No, that sentence doesn’t fit in this post. But I’m loving Patreon so much – and loving getting to talk with you guys over there so much, it freaking fits in every paragraph now. So that’s my new normal! hahaha.

Thanks guys.

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