Gauging THiNC. Patreon Interest…

Gauging THiNC. Patreon Interest... by asking you, as politely as I possibly can, to take like a 5 question survey. Thanks in advance for not chucking your phone across the room.

Tripping to Haiti

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I'll be out of the country for the next bit - as we adopt two boys from Haiti.

THinc Community Forum?

THinc. Community Form - or, what do you think about the idea of tacking a community up on this site to allow you to post your own threads and ideas for discussion? Maybe not a stupid idea?

Wonder Women’s Jet April Fool’s Day Punk

John Oliver recently made a plea with America to abandon all practical jokes this April Fool's Day. It was a fairly impassioned plea too. And yet, if the Air and Space Museum had listened to a word he was saying we wouldn't have this, piece de resistance of April Fool's Day practical jokery.

Brazen Dribbble Request

So I've got my face firmly planted on the storefront glass window. And no, its not the Mac Store I'm staring in this time. Its the new website entitled instead. Shaun Inman is in. I'm out. Cameron Moll is in. I'm out. My face is pressed up against the glass and my eyes are wide staring in.