I’ll Be Gone in the Dark Recommendation

I'll Be Gone in the Dark Recommendation - because the search and hunt to root out evil is really really addictive.
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There is something preternaturally seductive about evil. Obviously we would never hurt anyone. And obviously it seems truly foreign that anyone would. But wow, to hear about these horrific details of how, and why, someone is capable of such atrocities? Yeah, that’s really seductive. And that is why I’m here today with my I’ll Be Gone in the Dark recommendation.

And over on HBO MAX they are really wanting to show us just how seductive evil really is. Lately they have been tearing it up over there. Raised by Wolves, Class Action Park, and now I’ll be Gone in the Dark? Three home runs in as many weeks. I’m impressed, Mr. Max. I’m impressed. About the only thing good that I’ve seen come out of HBO in the last decade was Westworld. (Please, do not even think of mentioning Game of Thrones to me. I’ve heard such terrible things out of what they did to the ending of that show. I’ve loved the books – and will patiently wait, and wait, and wait, for the real conclusion, thank you very much.)

When I first told the Patreon THiNCers about I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, I said that I really wish I had become a true crime blogger. I have that sort of obsessive compulsive disorder thing going where I can grab onto a thing, and not let go of it until it is finished with you. Yes, I know, that literally means I’m an addict. Thank you Mr. Psychologist, I appreciate the free diagnosis. But the thought of taking a local crime, grabbing all the details you can get your hands on, and then parsing, shaking the tree, and parsing again. But movies are my thing. And while I definitely can get attached to the rare true crime podcast (The Atlanta Monster, Serial, etc., etc.) generally though, I can dive so deep that it shorts out all my circuits. I still remember when Serial season 1 first dropped and was breathlessly investigating alongside a million other Redditors as the weekly episodes dropped…it almost broke my brain. (I still have my own theories about how that murder went down.) And that is what makes Michelle McNamara’s book so amazing. It isn’t solely about the evil that was that terror of the Golden State Killer’s reign. But it’s mainly about Michelle’s full court press that ultimately ended up shortening her life.

On a lark – I plotted all of the EAR-ONS/GSK attacks, just to see the range of rapes and murders that he committed:

I'll Be Gone in the Dark Recommendation - because the search and hunt to root out evil is really really addictive.

And I grew up, during this same window, on the south loop of these attacks when it was rare that his attack victims made it out alive. The Goleta, Ventura, Irvine locations are locations and places where I played t-ball, took piano lessons, and went to church. Three attacks occurred 15 minutes south of where I grew up, and another two or three, thirty minutes north. So yeah, I was more than a little bit intrigued by the case.

The real beauty of this particular story is how Patton Oswalt preserved his wife’s work in loving detail. Her texts. Her email. Her blog. And the boxes and boxes of evidence that she was working her way through. All of it tells a story of love for a wife who was tragically lost early. But when I started the show, I had a vague recollection that she died, but I couldn’t remember how, or why. And so I avidly watched two horror stories unfold simultaneously. Michelle’s passionate investigation, but I knew it was only a matter of time before she passes away. And I also didn’t know if the EAR/ONS killer had been caught. Both details dragged me mercilessly through each of these six stories. I found myself making excuses to family, friends. I think I’ve come down with something (no, not Covid, thank goodness) so I don’t think I can make it. I’m so sorry.

(Light spoilers from here on out – if you haven’t watched it – go find it, then come back.)

And I think it makes sense that Michelle went full tilt to try and find this guy. Her book would have been even better (is that possible?) with the conclusion that he was caught. And that is why HBO bought the series I’m sure, the conclusion of the story had to be told now that he had been caught. And the story telling here…just so good in that it follows Michelle as she follows the case. Anyway, I cannot recommend this series highly enough. Makes me consider leaving movies and finding some case that could use help. There are just too many cold cases out there where horrible, evil humans are literally getting away with murder.

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