We’ve been having some kind of fun over on the discord chat server since I spun up the Patreon here at THiNC. And the posts and conversations over on Patreon have been fun as well. Getting to know some of you guys tons better has been the best benefit of all of this, actually. Pretty cool really.

Anyway, a couple of us are planning on spinning up a movie over on the Amazon Watch Party this Wednesday – on Veterans day. Hopefully you have the day off. I. Do. NOT. But, that is what sick days are for, right? hahaha. Regardless, would love it if a ton of you piled into a van and shuttled over and joined us. Would be fun. To join in, bounce over to Patreon, sign up for a Gold or Platinum Patreon membership, and an invite to the festivities. Here are all the significant details for Wednesday’s event:

When: Wednesday, Nov. 11th

Time: 3:00 – 5:00 pm

Movie: His House

Just give me a yell if you are interested in jumping in – and the whole Patreon thing is too confusing. We’ll get you set up. I can help.


See. I told you it would be tons of fun. Wait? You weren’t there? Oh come on!! No. don’t worry. There will be other opportunities. Weren’t a ton of us, but enough to laugh, cry, debate enormous issues like whether the sentence, “No really, I make phenomenal grits.” is actually a valid use of the English language. We did also talk about racism in America, in England, and other important topics like, whether or not males are hardened criminals internally that just wall themselves off completely from the rest of the world. Or, something like that. I might not be remembering it correctly.

Anyway, I promise, it’s awesome. But the key to not missing the next one is heading over here and signing up. It comes with tons of other benefits as well (custom movie recommendation lists, head of the queue write up requests, chat server access, etc etc. It’s been a ton of fun. Join us, you’ll see.)

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2 Responses

  1. Lisa

    I had such fun with you guys last night after you got over my accent! And here I thought 40 years in the suburbs had gotten rid of it. When I was really little, I sounded like The Nanny. Remember that old show? My dad made audio tapes of me from back then. Anyway, I had fun and I still do not like grits! I definitely do not like racism. I do like you guys, though.

    • Taylor Holmes

      It was tons of fun. And you shouldn’t be self conscious about your accent at all! Goodness. It’s really a very light twang and only rarely. I actually love it. Fairly endearing.

      I have to admit something Lisa – I only saw you on the video once. At the beginning when we were testing and for like 2 seconds. But Erika could see you fine so I just assumed it was a problem on my end or something! But I never figured it out.

      Anyway – tons of fun. Great laughs. Good conversations about a great movie. But I’m with you Lisa, very dubious about these magical 5 hour grits that she says she makes. Not thinking this is a thing. Just saying!!


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