THiNC. Movie Spotlight #3

The third installation of the wildly popular (“wildly” as defined by me arbitrarily) THiNC. Spotlight series wherein Chris and I bring you movie that might just be worth your time to check out. These aren’t watched, or reviewed, or certified movies by any stretch. Just movies that look really good to us over on the THiNC. Patreon Chat Server. Yes, you are welcome. Because, all of a sudden, you’ve got five (FREE) new movies that might just be worth your while. THiNC. Movie Spotlight #3!!! And if that isn’t enough for you – I also highly recommend you try out Dr. Kong! See? All kinds of brilliance happening here for you today.

THE BEACH HOUSE – A romantic getaway for two troubled college sweethearts turns into a struggle for survival when unexpected guests – and the surrounding environment – exhibit signs of a mysterious infection. Haven’t watched it yet, but looks like the kind of top shelf crazy films that we love so much here at THiNC. Check it out and let me know if I should do a write up on this one. Excited about the idea anyway.

THE WOLF HOUR – This movie was suggested by Matt on the movie recommendation widget (you see that red tab, at the bottom of your screen? Yeah, that.) Thanks Matt! It’s a Thriller Mystery. June (Naomi Watts), a once iconic figure of the counter-culture movement, finds herself a recluse in South Bronx. And she watches as the summer temperatures begin to climb, June watches below as the city descends into chaos during the 1977 blackout riots.

SAFE INSIDE – Chris brings us this crazy thriller mystery from Poland. Heck, he brought us this entire list, let’s not kid ourselves. And don’t worry subtitle haters, it’s in English. Geeze, you guys kill me sometimes. Ana and Tom, a young American couple, who are traveling across France get hired on at an estate to fund their traveling costs. This is a real dream come true… until it isn’t. Soon they begin to uncover some of the dark secrets of the estate and they begin to wonder what they’ve gotten themselves into.

KOKO-DI KOKO-DA – NANCY!!! We LOVE YOU! (Patreon subscriber that you should all get to know. She has a WEALTH of crazy-cool movie recommendations that continuously blows my mind.) Nancy’s words: “It looks crazy disturbing”! Hahahaha. That should pause you right there. If Nancy thinks it’s disturbing, us normal folk should BUCKLE UP. So apparently, a young couple goes on a trip to find their way back to each other. You know, one of those self-discovery, couples trips that are normally mushy and inane. But this time, a sideshow artist and his shady entourage emerge from the woods, terrorizing them, luring them deeper into a maelstrom of psychological terror and humiliating slapstick. Imagine The Babadook genetically spliced with Groundhog Day! Hahaha. Yes, I just typed those words. I love the internet.

Creep 1 & 2 – Is there such a thing as the perfect horror movie? Probably not. BUT IF THERE WAS SUCH A THING, it might just be Creep 1, only to be followed up by Creep 2. A guy puts an ad in craigslist to hire a videographer to follow him around and his day. And throughout the day we wonder if this guy is, or isn’t a serial killer. Could he just be a creep? Or maybe he could be so much worse? And the ending of Creep 1, as well as Creep 2 are both so brilliantly unhinged as to leave you a bit shocked. It’s fantastic. Just such great indie film brilliance. After watching, head over here, and here, to talk to us all about what you thought of it.


Look, again… we don’t certify all these movies. They don’t come with a money back guarantee. But you are grownups here. Check them out – if you watch any of them, let us know here, and tell everyone reading what you thought of them. We’ll be better off for your guidance. And if you’d like to keep track of all the spotlight recommendations you can do it right here.

Edited by: CY