Coherence Watch Party This Friday!!!

I am putting on a Coherence Movie Watch Party on Amazon Prime this Friday at 3pm MST. If you are unaware that the world is round, that’s 5pm eastern, and 2pm pacific. And at 2:30 MST I post a link right here… and there it is… there is your link to the party… join one, join all… come say hey. We’ll be starting promptly at 3:00 MST. 5 eastern.


If you have never seen Coherence, this will be the worst way to watch it… but join anyway. If you’ve watched it, come spoil it for all the noobs, but chatting about all the spoilers as we watch. Here’s a trailer if you’ve never seen it. And good lord, if you haven’t – sheesh – I suck at my job of suggesting movies for you guys. Man.

WHAT: Coherence Amazon Prime Movie Watch Party

WHEN: This Friday 2/12/2021 – 3pm Mountain Time

WHERE: Amazon Prime Watch Party

WHO: You. & Your spouse, whomever. 

WHY: Because it’ll make you feel good!

I will post a link at the top of this post at 2:30 mountain. So come back then to click the link and join for a 3pm start time.

Prime Watch Party is just a chat interface. So no stress about looking gorgeous. No need to change out of your PJs. Just come and watch, and type in the chat if you want. Get loud if you want. Stay quiet and lurk. Whatever. 

If you have questions – or I’ve forgotten something like an idiot – just email me your questions. You can reach me at taylor at taylorholmes dot com. Love to have you join.

If it’s just you and me… or just a handful of us – I may even give out a zoom link so we can video chat while watching. HELL, maybe I’ll even ask James Ward Byrkit to join us. Who knows.