Three Stunning International Political Movie Recommendations

Three Stunning International Political Movie Recommendations. I know that it’s hard to stay on top of your entertainment selections. You sit down, scroll through Netflix mindlessly, and default back to Groundhog’s Day for the 27th time. There is no shame in that. But, your time could be much better spent. You could actually enjoy that single hour or two of downtime you have per week. Which is why, today, I am announcing my Bespoke Movie Recommendations service!! For $29.95 a month, I will bring you only the best movie recommendations money can buy. You’ll receive weekly emails from me personally (that will always begin with hugs and kisses, and adulation’s, and reminders that I missed you), you’ll receive 4 to 5 specific movie recommendations, and long-winded movie break downs to help you fully grasp the movies that I am recommending. And from now on, you’ll be able to stop hunting, and searching for worth while movie recommendations that you’ll enjoy instead of watching the same well-trod entertainment over and over again.

Oh. Hold on. I already do all that, and I do it for you for free. That’s right. I forgot. My apologies. Keep your $30 dollars a month. If you aren’t getting my weekly newsletter, you really should. If you aren’t watching the weekly THiNC. Spotlight, you REALLY should. And if you aren’t returning weekly for my movie breakdowns, and movie recommendations, you are missing out. This last week alone, I recommended, and dove deeply into the movies: Red Dot, The Block Island Sound, interviewed the director of H0us3 (which I highly recommend), and we also brought you five movie recommendations in the weekly THiNC. Spotlight #9: Tigers are Not Afraid, Little Fish, The Assistant, Possum, and The Frame. In a single week. I should charge you $29.95 a WEEK! hahaha. But, if you do want to support THiNC., and join me on Patreon, and gain access to the THiNC. chat server, and also other content – you can do so right here, definitely not going to stop you! hahaha.

Today though, I’m doing something a little differently. I have three similarly minded, internationally focused political thinkers for you. All three are new to me, but they’ve been around a year or two. All three deserve their own deep dives, and hardcore unpacking and dismantling in order to really grasp what is going on. But I just don’t have the time on my hands. I mean, I’d rather bring them to you sooner than later, and they are all fantastic recommendations that you’ll really enjoy. Promise.

Three Stunning International Political Movie Recommendations - 3 complicated, intriguing, internationally focused political beauts.

El Reino – The Realm – Amazon Recommendation –

Literally just finished El Reino moments ago – thanks a million CY for recommending it. Gah, so good. If you are a fan of Aaron Sorkin-esque movies (Molly’s Game, The Trial of the Chicago 7, etc.), or other extraordinarily well written political dramas, then El Reino will be right up your alley. El Reino though, lights the entirety of the system – the hierarchy, the players, and the abused normal people – all on fire in its conclusions. But, caveat emptor, I have literally never seen a more rapid-fire dialog than this movie. Oh, and did I mention it is all in glorious Castilian Spanish? So, unless you happen to speak Spanish – really really well – you’ll be reading faster than you ever have before. Rent it now on Amazon.

Three Stunning International Political Movie Recommendations - 3 complicated, intriguing, internationally focused political beauts.

Borgen – Netflix Series Recommendation –

Borgen is the wildly popular TV show from Denmark. And from Denmark, it traversed the channel and invaded the world of British TV. Then, it was purchased by Netflix and has successfully invaded America as well. And the three seasons of Borgen was so popular in America, I’m hearing that Netflix has brought the band back together again for a fourth season due out sometime in 2022. Oh, did I mention that the show is basically a modern Danish version of West Wing? Yup. Sorkin is possibly the only thing missing here. But I’d argue that Sidse Babett Knudsen is a way better PM than Martin Sheen was as President of West Wing. You should watch it yourself and tell me if I’ve completely lost it. Start watching Borgen over on Netflix.

Three Stunning International Political Movie Recommendations - 3 complicated, intriguing, internationally focused political beauts.

Beirut – Hulu Movie Recommendation –

Beirut is the final recommendation in this trifecta of brilliance but it isn’t the least of the three. First, for those of you that aren’t fans of subtitles? This might be your starting point just for the sheer fact that it’s in English. (Well, most of it anyway.) But it might as well be in German there are so many players, and so many moving parts to this booby-trapped collapsing inferno. Sort of reminds me of that crazy movie Indendies that blew my mind a few years ago. You can watch Beirut right now over on Hulu.


There is something about a hyper-realistic, super gritty, international thriller of a political drama. I just can’t pass. I can’t. Just too much goodness right there. But maybe that isn’t your thing. Though I’m guessing they might be seeing as though you clicked on the link after all. Well, if you guys have seen any of these, or you decide to watch any of them, please leave a comment below and remind us of just how on point my recommendations always are… OK? hahaha. No, really, we’d love to hear what you think of these three recommendations. Three Stunning International Political Movie Recommendations…

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