THiNC. Movie Spotlight #21

WHAT? Don’t even give me that look. And you know what I’m talking about. That sort of holier-than-thou look you give me when you stroll in here – eyeing me up and down – wondering if I’m going to give you crap recommendations today or not. Just cut it out. Last I checked you didn’t wander up to me to give me any tips on my next viewing experiences. Right? So, until you are pouring just as many movie recommendations into my life, as I am into yours… I don’t want to hear it. (Lisa, feel free to be as pissy with me as you’d like. I’m sure I owe you a few at this point. Three out of these five recommendations are hers, so yeah, we all owe Lisa a little gratitude at this point.)

So the THiNC. Spotlight is a weekly piece we put together here at to give you a heads up about the movies we are talking about over on the discord chat server. Which, everyone is welcome to join now by the way, no Patreon membership required. Want to peruse the entire list of Spotlights? Here you go.

SOLOS – Prime Series – Anything that is categorized as Black Mirror-esque always gets my attention. Solos is an anthology drama series that tells character driven stories which shows how even the most isolated experiences connects to others around us. Each story is set in a specific location and features a single character who is conversing with a Robot of some sort or other. The recurring theme? Just how much we should adamantly distrust the technology that is all around us.

Mare of Easttown – HBO MAX – yes, I just did a write up of Mare. Yes, this is redundant. But you haven’t watched it yet, have you? See? I KNEW IT. So, go watch it, and then you can ridicule me for being duplicitous. This is a glorious police procedural steeped in the local Philadelphia suburbs. It’s just as much a character study of the wounded individuals riddling this drama as it is a search for the now missing young women of the Easttown community. It’s a great ride. And after you watch it, join me and discuss it with us here.

Army of the Dead – Netflix – Are you hoping for an Ocean’s Eleven, Zombie, Heist Horror movie? Huh. Not gonna lie, you have weird tastes. But HECK, it’s your lucky day because that is literally Army of the Dead to a T. Basically Las Vegas is going to get nuked into oblivion… why? Because there was a zombie outbreak there, and its easier to wipe it off the planet and start over than to deal with the problem. But there’s a problem. There’s a huge pile of cash in a vault that is about to get nuked… So, of course, a team needs to blast its way in to get the cash. Uh, OK. hahahaha. Need to check your brain at the door? Want to just watch mayhem and carnage? Then this is the movie for you.

Aniara – Hulu – Aniara takes place in the near future when Earth has become uninhabitable. A nasty pandemic is spreading across the planet and our need to repopulate another planet is dire. The space ship Aniara is a massive luxury liner intent on moving humans far across space in hopes of our survival. Soon after departing the ship collides with something which sends the ship off course. And along the way, everything that could go wrong definitely does… including the creating of a cosmic insanity cult and other crazy devolution’s.

Beatriz at Dinner – Prime – Salma Hayek, John Lithgow, and Connie Britton, star in this philosophy 101 discussion about what really matters. Basically, Beatriz at Dinner is a thriller that collides different people from vastly different lifestyles and cares… different sociopolitical backgrounds all over the course of one evening of food. It’s one of the most poignantly insightful films I’ve ever watched, a film that really had me reexamine my myopic biases and made me think differently for once.


Look, again… we don’t certify these movies like I do with my in depth walk-throughs. They don’t come with a money back guarantee. But you are grownups here. Right? Check them out – if you watch any of them, let us know here, and tell everyone reading what you thought of them. We’ll be better off for your guidance.

If you’d like to read more of our THiNC. Spotlight recommendations, you can do that right here. There are something like 100 or more movie recommendations out there at this point. 100?! Probably 300 hours of entertainment. Free. For you. Just because I love you that much. Smooch.

Edited by: CY