How Can You Watch Vigil Outside of the UK?

How Can You Watch Vigil Outside of the UK?
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How Can You Watch Vigil Outside of the UK? Great question… but first, for those of you who don’t even know what Vigil even is, let’s talk about the show. So, Lisa just tipped me off that over across the pond, on BBC1, there is this awesome submarine show hitting the network this week. It’s a murder mystery sort of who done it. And it all happens on a sub. Someone shows up dead, apparently of a heroin overdose, but – maybe not? I don’t think I’m describing it very well.

But how do you watch Vigil online from anywhere in the world? I’ve watched the first two episodes, and I can tell you that it is a fascinating watch so far. Every like three minutes I find myself rushing to IMDb in order to look up another actor I know that I know from somewhere or other. Suranne Jones plays the part of the lead investigator DCI Amy Silva who has the job to travel out to the submarine and investigate the death. The circumstances make the show – the investigator isn’t welcome onboard. Then, the investigation dives into national security – which may just be threatened, and the death of this one individual plays a part somehow? Could the killer still be onboard, and could Amy’s life be at risk? But on top of it all – there is conflict because no one knows who should have authority, and soon bureaucracy just keeps making the situation worse.

Vigil is made by the same producers and makers that brought the BBC Line of Duty and Bodyguard.

How Can You Watch Vigil Outside of the UK?

Look, THiNC. is all about finding brilliant shows, and movies regardless of where they are coming from in the world. We’ve shown for years now that some of the best shows of all time come from all over the world. THiNC. told you about White Wall, the Finnish tv series that blew our minds here at THiNC. and it still hasn’t hit the American shores yet. Or what about the show The Guilty that first aired in Europe and is now getting remade with Jake Gyllenhaal? (Which, will be amazing… I promise, that movie is going to be lit. Jake will crush this role.) There are countless examples of great TV coming from England, Europe, and Asia that really are worth watching. But how?

I watch all my international shows by using something called a VPN. It’s a super cheap solution (like 2 or 3 bucks a month?) that allows you to connect directly to the location you are wanting to watch from. And if you order through the link below it will directly support THiNC. through no cost to you. Let’s go step by step so you can get setup to watch Vigil right now:

STEP 1 – Sign up for PureVPN, which is what I use, and I absolutely their tech, and the stupid cheap price they sell it for.

STEP 2 – Login to your VPN – you’ll need to select the UK as your VPN location.

STEP 3 – Head on over to the BBC player – right here – and start watching. Note, in the UK, residents need to have a TV license in order to watch TV. Specifically the BBC. So when the prompt comes up asking if you, a British citizen, has a TV license… it’s an honor system question. You can click right through. (They literally dispatch trucks to find TVs in the UK that aren’t paying the license fee, it’s a whole thing.)

See? Simple – Turn on your VPN – login to the UK – click over to the BBC iPlayer (which, is just cool to say, let alone, be able to do.) and click play.

You are welcome. And thanks for supporting THiNC. buy purchasing PureVPN via our link as it really will make a difference in the shows and films we can cover here on the site.

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