THiNC. Movie Spotlight #36

THiNC. Movie Spotlight #36 – I’ve seen some really cool movies in the last couple days, and a few of them I’ll be doing full write-ups on, once I get my crap together and a moment to write. Films like Zone 414, New Order (Nueva Orden) which was hell on wheels, and others. But today we have our standard spotlight movie offerings that we think you should keep an eye out for, or heck, actively seek them out. This week, the list mainly comes from user: Lisa – Lisa? You rock. Thanks for carrying us today. If you don’t know Lisa you should swing by Discord and say hey to Lisa and the entire gang over there.

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The North Water – BBC2 – if you have a VPN, this show is available right now over on BBC2 for free. If not, you can get one easily. North Water is also available now in the United States its available with an AMC subscription via Prime et al. The show tells of Patrick Sumner and his hopes to escape the horrors of his past out on the sea. Soon enough though, he finds himself on a horrible voyage to the arctic that sets him directly in the path of Henry Drax, a horrible Harpooner. You know, a wielder of harpoons? You don’t mess with Harpooners. As a general rule. But Patrick does… and that’s bad.

LulaRichWatch on Prime – The billion dollar clothing empire LuLaRoe stand accused of misleading thousands of women with their multi-level marketing platform. From everything I’ve read, this looks like a crazy story. I’ve put it on my list of shows that I want to watch with my wife. Want to know what my wife and I are watching together right now?? My Unorthodox Life, which is car-crash-fascinating for about a million reasons. If LulaRich is your dish, but you’ve already watched it? I can’t recommend the podcast CryptoQueen highly enough.

Stephen – only on iTV in England – Sensing a theme that we are bringing your more international fare? You are catching on. Do us a solid and pick up a VPN subscription in order to watch it. It’ll help THiNC. out greatly. Stephen is a three-part limited series telling the story about “Doreen and Neville Lawrence’s astonishing crusade to achieve justice for their son.” It really looks fantastic Lisa, thanks for the tip.

Y: The Last Man Series available on Hulu – based on the comic book of the same name. Y investigates – what if every single male on the planet (save one) all die at the same time in a mass scale event?? And it’s all about their attempt to try and rebuild society from their post-apocalyptic ashes. Loved the comic book – and can’t wait to watch this series, once I get a moment to shovel out from under this enormous list.

Infinity Chamber – Watch on Tubi for Free – In the Spotlight list I like to normally bring you four new movies or shows, and also try to bring to your attention an older, less watched indie film that you might have missed in the past. I had a chance to talk to Travis Malloy about this movie, and just had a blast learning more about it. But this is an amazing movie seeing as though it was made in a guy’s garage basically. Gotta check it out.

There you have it – THiNC. Movie Spotlight #35. If you’d like to read more of our THiNC. Spotlight recommendations, you can do that right here.

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