What is The Pink Cloud Movie Saying??

The Pink Cloud
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What is The Pink Cloud Movie Saying?? Two days ago now I finished this movie, and I’m still shaken by it. And it’s made me realize that I have Covid related PTSD. I’m sure we all do. So, yeah, The Pink Cloud – let’s just say this – it isn’t going to be for everyone. Heck, I don’t even know if it was for me. I’m still grappling with it, I’m still struggling to understand it, to cope with it, and to determine what I think about it. But I figured, heck, why don’t we throw all the thoughts on the table… the good, the bad, the ugly, and talk about this one together… shall we?

If you haven’t had the fortune of watching The Pink Cloud yet, you can get your hands on it at several different streaming locations.

What is the Pink Cloud?

In the Brazilian movie entitled The Pink Cloud (or A Nuvem Rosa in Portuguese), what is this Pink Cloud thing? What do we know about it? Well, we know that the Pink Cloud was not there the day before, and the next morning, there is a person who dies when they are surrounded by a pinkish looking cloud formation. So, from that, we can surmise a few things. 1) This is a shocking, immediate development. 2) We see that it takes about 10 seconds for the person to die. 3) It’s a global, world-wide, transformation. 4) It’s immaterial if you are in a cloud or not… stepping outside will kill you. And yet?The Pink Cloud isn’t a very scientific sort of encounter. Houses are not air-tight. And yet, everyone that is inside does not die. Think of it more as a metaphor, than any sort of physical reality that has its connection in reality. But the rules are – Rule #1 – stay inside… or die. Rule #2 – confused? See Rule Number One.

What is the Timeline of the Pink Cloud movie?

Such a great question right there! I was just thinking to myself… I wish someone, some random internet reader would ask me about the timeline of this Pink Cloud movie, and voila? Is this a prank? Are you pnking me right now? Ashton Kutcher? Hello? So, the timeline of this movie is a mess. It jumps, slides, flips forward, drags… it’s crazy. One moment the cloud is here, and people died… the next moment, every house has a tube delivery system installed for handling essentials? What’s a timeline for something like this from a project management standpoint? Decades? I mean, honestly? But it’s hard to grasp how long the pink cloud has attacked the planet… I think maybe we are talking about a decade? Maybe 12 to 15 years on the max side?

What is The Pink Cloud Trying to Talk About?

The first thing we should note, is that the movie was made prior to the pandemic that is Covid 19. It was a movie so prescient in its foreknowledge as to be completely uncomfortable. It tells the story of couples trapped together. Divorces that happened, and required partitioning of houses to create a demarcation line between the two people. People died in seclusion… and this stuff all happened in real life over the past two years. So to watch a movie that dealt with every single one of these issues, ahead of time, is to belie belief.

The movie follows Giovana and Yago, and their relationship as it grows and develops after a single hookup. When the cloud arrives, they probably were going to part separate ways, and never think about each other ever again. But instead, Yago is trapped with Giovana… and the couple go from friendly, to serious, to parents, to divorced, back to parents again… and all while buried under a cloud of pink murderous gas. Does that, or does that not, sound like Covid to you?

But is the movie about Covid? No. It’s not. Why? Because the movie screenplay writer and director, Luli Gerbase, isn’t a god. He isn’t omniscient, and all knowing. That’s just not a thing. Not for a mortal anyway. So, if it isn’t a prescient investigation of pandemics, the Spanish Flu, and the like… then what is the movie talking about? Interesting that you would ask that, good sir. Personally, I think the movie was investigating our insulary tendencies. Technologically, but also socially. We are predisposing ourselves to less and less social contact. Aren’t we? And I’m talking about dinner right now… I’m not talking about Covid, or about leaving your house. At the dinner table, how much interaction do you have with other human beings? If we were all given what we wanted, would we all bubble up with our devices, our books, our own hobbies, and tell everyone else to sod off? Maybe?

The Ending of Pink Cloud Explained

The movie spends a lot of its time trying to grapple with this crushing experience of isolation and solo-ness. It investigates some that handle it alright, some that are born into it and know nothing different. And then there are those who can’t handle it all. We watch as one guy jumps out of his apartment, with a sign in his window that says, “The Pink Cloud Won’t Kill Me.” And Giovana is one of those… she can’t cope with the fact that her world is upside down. She is so bereft, she creates a beach of sand on her living room floor, and sits with a pair of VR Goggles on her face. But when her common-law husband guilts her back to reality… she kisses him goodbye, her son goodbye, and steps out to the balcony and counts to ten.

The movie ends before she drops.

So, the question that many of you are asking is this – Did Giovana die at the end of The Pink Cloud movie? And that is a yet another fantastic question sir (or madam, I am not biased… hell – what is they in formal? [Everyone? Denizen? Y’all?]. I would argue that the movie doesn’t generally concern itself with the scientific. It doesn’t care about air gaps in houses. It doesn’t concern itself with the fact that it would take decades for drone drops to get created in every house in the world. We don’t watch as people try building space suits and running from one building to another. We never see anyone ever attempt going outside after the very first death. (Well, besides the suicide that is.) Why is that? Because it doesn’t matter to the story itself. So, the question about her death is kind of immaterial. I personally believe she has to die. It could be that she is the first person to discover the lack of hostility from the cloud in the last 10 years… but that seems fairly contrived and arbitrary. Doesn’t it? So, yes… we can pretty assuredly say that Giovana dies.

But what does Giovana’s death at the end of the movie mean? I think it’s cementing this conversation we had earlier… that a life of solitary confinement isn’t a life worth living. No? It’s an exclamation point on the fact that the trajectory we have been on is a horrible one. That we should pull our heads out of our phones and relate to others at a normal human level. That we should be thankful for the moments we have in the sun, with friends and family. And that we should embrace these little pleasures and take them as the gifts that they really are. No?

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