Movie Search Tool Public Service Announcement

Hey there THiNC.-Folk,

I’m pretty passionate about helping people find new movies that might make them THiNC. Whether it’s crazy non-linear insanities of some Russian (ooh, strike that), Peruvian director, or what have you… or maybe it’s just Nolan’s latest… I’m all about helping people find indie and Hollywood films that will scratch that itch… whatever that itch might be.

Well, over the years, I have found and rated several thousand films – nook and cranny films that you wouldn’t find at your local Blockbuster, that is for sure. And that brings me to a new way for you to consider using – instead of watching for the emails, and seeing what the new movies are, maybe there are movies out there that you missed and might be in your wheelhouse. With that in mind, I worked with @gastroschisis? on Discord to design and create a search filter solution for finding new films. (I mean, never mind the fact that I had a developer ultimately code it – thanks for your help Gastro.)

So here’s how it works – First, navigate over to and see what we are talking about. If you are on a mobile phone, the selections are at the bottom of the initial movies list. (The page loads all movies initially.) You select the various categories you might be interested in tonight – and hit submit. And voila… movie results should appear! For example, you are in the mood for a dystopian alien movie?? We got you. It should bring up four movies (well, until I write a fifth dystopian alien movie review that is.) Vivarium, Birdbox, Starfish, and Annihilation. See?

Alien Dystopian movies not your thing? What about a dialogue, mindjob, thriller? Yup… we have those. Or a Foreign, closed-box dialogue movie? Yup. That too. Or maybe a foreign sci-fi movie with a twist ending? Yup… we have that as well.

Truth be told – I created this tool for myself. I regularly am asked to recommend movies for people who like a certain particular film. “Man, I absolutely loved the movie The Wall! I wish there were other movies out there like that.” I’ll flip over to our new tool and I would search for a closed-box, dialogue driven thriller. See? It’s easy as that.

I have placed this page in the main navigation so it won’t ever be far away – you can find it right here:

Oh, one request!? If you find any posts with wonky data? Just let me know so I can fix it. (IE you are searching for a comedy and you get the new Batman movie or whatever? That would be a tragedy! hahah.) Thanks all.


Edited by: CY