Why The Shining Girls is Your Next Watch

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Why The Shining Girls is Your Next Watch. Apple TV just released the first three episodes of The Shining Girls and I’m here to tell you it’s what you’ll be watching next and why it will be the next big thing in the entertainment world. Actually, who cares what anyone thinks… I’m here to tell you it’ll be the next big thing in your world. I mean, you are here on THiNC. aren’t you? You prefer movies and shows that force you to think – and if The Shining Girls doesn’t do that for you? I promise you, nothing else will.

The show is based on Lauren Beukes’ novel by the same name. And it is one of my favorite stand alone novels of all time. I was absolutely consumed by it. The problem? I can’t really say much about the show. There is too much going on, and all of it is critical… worse, if I give you one bit, it’ll unravel to another, and so on. Back in 2013, when I was doing quite a bit in the world of book reviews and book write-ups, I highlighted it in my year end review. So, let’s just say, I’ve had a long relationship with this particular material. And while I’ve only seen one episode – I can promise you this show will deliver. Elisabeth Moss + Source Material = Grand Slam.

To be honest – I haven’t watched the trailer yet. And doubt I will. You probably shouldn’t watch it either – but if you aren’t convinced yet? Here you go, maybe it’ll help?

If I gave you just the slightest hint of what this story is about? I’d say it was a story about a serial killer, and a victim who is hunting him down. Anything else beyond that will be too much. But even in the first episode you start to get a really good feel that something is out of kilter here. Something isn’t quite right. And if you are watching – you can even surmise what it might be right away. But the ride is going to be the magic. Christopher Denham was an inspired choice as well. The interesting parts are still coming though – and I can’t wait to see how they’ll handle them all. Should be interesting to see it play out.

Okay – look – trust me on this one. You really should take my word for it on why The Shining Girls is your next watch. Then, after you see the show through –

When Are The Shining Girls Dropping?

April 30th – Episode 1 – Cutline

April 30th – Episode 2 – Evergreen

April 30th – Episode 3 – Overnight

May 6th – Episode 4 – Attribution

May 13 – Episode 5 – Unknown

May 20 – Episode 6 – Unknown

May 27 – Episode 7 – Unknown

June 3 – Episode 8 – Unknown

So yeah – the show will wrap up after 8 episodes, and will conclude on June 8th. You’ll need an Apple TV Subscription to watch, and you can find the current episodes right here.

Then, after you finish with the show, check out the book!

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