Gaslit Watergate Series Recommendation

Gaslit Watergate Series Recommendation
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Gaslit Watergate Series Recommendation. Here is a checklist to determine if you will enjoy the show Gaslit:

  1. Do you enjoy history?
  2. Do you enjoy politics?
  3. Do you enjoy huge Hollywood actors?
  4. Do you enjoy messed up stories?
  5. Do you enjoy schadenfreude?
  6. Did you enjoy watching the Titanic sink and Leo slip under the water?
  7. Do you enjoy watching an unrecognizable Sean Penn act?
  8. Do you enjoy watching a super-recognizable Julia Roberts act?
  9. Do you enjoy swearing?
  10. Did you enjoy the Trial of the Magnificent Seven?

If any of these are true. You are in. Just take my word for it. I will say this, I was so excited about this one, that I packed the whole family in to watch. Now, I don’t know about you, but my family doesn’t specifically roll well with the swearing and the grittiness… per se. So, as a family, we stopped after episode one. But they all saw that it would be good – just a little much. If you know what I mean. So, be aware, that though this will be fantastic history, it’ll be the unvarnished history.

The Watergate Scandal

This is a fantastic angle on the Watergate scandal. Martha Mitchell – the wife of John Mitchell – the Attorney General under Richard Nixon. She was a socialite, and an extraordinarily loud-mouthed gossip. Which… when you are attempting to keep a political coup quiet, is not great. Her story is beyond the pale – think kidnapping – extortion – think drugging – think… don’t want to spoil it. But yeah, they work really really really hard to shut this woman up. It’s a matter of public record – so yeah, you can spoil the heck out of this story if you’d like. There are a ton of books on this woman as well… so there’s that too if you are intrigued. But it’ll be really interesting to see what the show does with her story, and how much of the unvarnished truth they tell. But so far? It looks like they are just going to let it rip.

Episode release dates for the show Gaslit

There are going to be eight total episodes, and they will be released every Sunday night on Starz… which you can get on Hulu, or Starz directly. I think the eps are also releasing individually on Amazon as well? But I’m not 100% on that. Here is the release schedule for this show over the coming month or two:

April 24th – Episode 1
May 1st – Episode 2
May 8th – Episode 3
May 15th – Episode 4
May 22nd – Episode 5
May 29th – Episode 6
June 5th – Episode 7
June 12th – Episode 8

Alright – watch it? Let me know what you think of it.

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