THiNC. Movie Spotlight #71 – My Top 10 Favorite THiNC. Films

71 deep, and I’m changing it up. Today is a special day. Instead of trolling the Indie Rags in America and Europe, I’m going to bring you a list entirely of my own making… “THiNC. Movie Spotlight #71 – My 5 Favorite THiNC. Films”. As I type that sentence, it sort of freaks me out a little because I don’t know what those five films are yet. You can scroll down and see… but I can’t. Hrrmm… we need a system.

Let’s do this – let’s define that phrase… my five favorite thinc. films. My… possessive me. Five, the number after four, the number before six. Favorite. Hrm. THiNC. Double Hrm. “Favorite THiNC. Films”… okay I can do something with that. By Favorite THiNC. Films we are talking about movies that forced the viewer to think. The movies also were discussable and inspired enormous conversations whether in person or here on the site. And it doesn’t matter the genre, the category, the direction the movie went in. Okay? (I’m still freaking out a little. Not gonna lie, that didn’t help a lot.)

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#10 – Taylor’s Favorite THiNC. Film – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a bit of a cliché pick – sort of the expected play here. But I have to say that ESOTSM is one of those movies that could be studied in a Doctoral Program and still would leave meat, all kinds of meat, on the table. Deep ideas on love, loss, and a desperate need for relief, and all in the face of the astounding need to remember. And I am NOT a Jim Carey fan. This movie is that good.

Regardless, read my write up about it right here.

#09 – Taylor’s Favorite THiNC. Film – American Beauty

This will be the most controversial movie in this list of ten. Guaranteed. But I’m not here to make friends or influence people. I’m here to give you movies that will force you to THiNC. Personally, this movie shook me. Like, so much so that I haven’t even done a write up of it here. It’s a movie about suburban ennui. About having everything, and nothing at the same time. A movie about finding real beauty even among the supposed beauty. It’s a movie where a circling bag, caught in a mini-cyclone is the most underrated shot in the film. It’s a movie that should poleaxe you into really considering the materialistic treadmill we’ve sold ourselves.

#08 – Taylor’s Favorite THiNC. Film – Ex Machina

There are a number of movies in this space that I could have chosen, but none have done this trope better than Ex Machina. (Uncanny being the close runner up if you are interested in tracking it down.) Ex Machina though struggles with this idea of sentience and human-ness in a world of AI and artificiality. Who are we? What is AI? And are we eradicating ourselves, rapidly, and radically and we don’t even know it yet?

Regardless, read my write up about it right here.

#07 – Taylor’s Favorite THiNC. Film – The One I Love

For years, and years here on THiNC. I hailed this as my most recommended film. Hands down. Nothing else came close. Why? Because of its closed-boxness, its universal appeal, and also it’s complicated themes. Who we are, who we were, what are we becoming, and what do we think matters when absolutely no one else is looking? It’s a movie about the staleness of love, and what we do under the weight of this particular reality?

Regardless, read my write up about it right here.

#6 – Taylor’s Favorite THiNC. Film – Remainder

Remainder is one of those movies that niggles its way under your skin, and then finds its way into your brain. It’s the story of a man that trips and falls onto some cash… and then tries to reproduce said trip, and fall, over and over again. And again. It is a movie with a perfect aesthetic, design, and set. It’s a gloriously perfect script. Acting is spot on. And it’s an ending that literally is begging you to start over again at the beginning the moment you finish the movie. Unfortunately, at this moment, the only way to watch Remainder… at all, might be to purchase the DVD? I can’t find it streaming anywhere. Which is truly sad actually.

Regardless, read my write up about it right here.

And with that, I’m going to stop – and we can get to my top FIVE films… and my number one!! film, next week. Okay? Wanna try and guess which one is my #1 THiNC. film right now? If you are an avid reader here on the site, you have a chance. Not going to say it’ll be easy. But… I think it might be doable for about a handful of you.

How about this? Anyone nails the guess before next week’s Spotlight publishes, I’ll send you a $50 Starbucks gift card. The list is already determined… all you need to do to win is guess. Only guesses listed here in the comments will be considered.

Coming Soon – Watch List:

The Essex Serpeant – May 13th
Men – may 20
Crimes of the Future – June
Clark – June – Netflix
Nope – July 27th
Spin Me Round – ????

There you have it. If you’d like to read more of our THiNC. Spotlight recommendations, you can do that right here.