Quick THiNC. Update!

Hey there everyone! Just thought I’d pop a quick flare to let you all know that I am still alive and well. Almost a month ago now I let you all know that I’d be out of pocket for the next month or so. I’ve honestly never taken time off from the blog before. Not really anyway. Come rain or shine, I’m usually posting about movies, conjecturing about this or that, even when on vacation, sick, or what have you. I just generally keep chugging. But for the past three weeks I didn’t open my laptop once. I was more than a little nervous it would turn on. It went with me to Switzerland, but sat, dormant, on a shelf. I was actually a bit concerned that the motherboard would be so confused that it would just never turn on again.

I also mentioned, 3 weeks ago, that I also have business meetings on the east coast next week, and assumed I’d just stay offline. We’ll see how that goes. Currently, it’s more about content than it is about vacation or work. I spent the down time watching and re-watching things I’d seen before (specifically Dune – several times on the plane both ways) and things I’d watch with my kids (Peaky Blinders is currently both my two oldest’s favorite show happening right now, and I can’t blame them.) But there are one or two quasi-interesting shows that caught me by surprise that you might find interesting that I might talk about later this week. We shall see.

But, just so you all know that I wasn’t lying to you… here are a couple photos from the last three weeks.

Walking along the Lauterbrunnen valley
This is from the lower hike from Grutschalp to Murren

Shot from the train window on the way to Gruyères

If you guys have movies, shows, or random youtube videos that you have enjoyed, I would love to hear about them. Find me over on Discord, or email me your ideas. Need to get back on the horse again and the best way for me to do that is through your ideas of what is worth our collective time!

I’ve missed you guys!


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