THiNC. Summer Break Announcement

Hey there THiNC. fans. First, know that I appreciate you all. Your comments on the site. Your regular reading of posts day in and day out. Thank you. Quick heads up to all of you regardless of how deeply you are engaged on the site.

Over the next month – I’ll be in Switzerland, and then the east coast for work. So while I might post occasionally – I’m expecting posts to be the exception, not the rule through the end of July. It’s pretty rare that I have ever really taken a break from the site, even on vacations (which lend themselves to movie watching) I write up what I’m watching. But I’m hopeful that I can get back to watching for watching sake for a bit. Trust me, it skews your perspective to always be thinking about whether or not a movie will be a worthwhile post. As opposed to just enjoying it for enjoyment sake.

So, with that said, I’m going to try my best to disengage a bit.

I will say, that there are a ton of you that read the site regularly that have never reached out to me, said hello, or even announced yourselves. Please know that I appreciate you. Thanks for reading, for lurking, for watching the THiNC. movies we discuss here, and just constantly returning to see what’s new and exciting in the world of Indie THiNC. worthy movies.

But if you are reading this, and are wondering how you can get a little closer to the THiNC. worthy movies, and the THiNC. community, and still get a good drip feed of movie lists while I’m gone?? I have a solution for you. Discord.

Free Discord chat link: Jump in Here

Patreon Discord options: Jump in Here

The free link will connect you to the #all-access channel, and that is where a ton of the conversations happen. But if you want in an all the channels, and all the conversations, jump in with a silver Patreon membership. I think that’s the minimum level that will get you access to all the channels. Also, your Patreon memberships help THiNC. stay running day in and day out. Especially over the next month or so… so thank you so much for considering a Patreon membership.

Alright – didn’t intend that to become an ad. But whatever. The free Discord link is really good enough for most of you. Come, say hi, meet the crew. They find more movies than I even do. So, yeah, they will be more valuable to your summer movie watching than me! hahah.

I’m sure I won’t be completely absent. And I’m sure you’ll get more photos of Swiss cows than you really want. But whatever.

Until next time. Taylor

Edited by: CY