Curve Short Film Recommendation

Curve Short Film Recommendation. You might not know it – but THiNC. used to spend quite a bit of time finding up and coming film makers who came from the short film world. Which, is a highly regular way to find funding and support within the indie film universe. I even wrote a bit for and one or two other short film review sites. Heck, it reminds of the time I was invited to Cannes because I was so in love with a short film called Lila and Valentin. I kid you not. Feel free to ask Adrien Lhommediew, he’ll tell you! hahaha.

Anyway! I love me some short films. They are like drama/horror/sci-fi concentrate without the water. Or maybe short films are film-crack. Regardless. The other day, Staci used the recommendation widget (bottom of the screen here, you’ll see a red tab – and if you want to recommend a film there, feel free!) and posted the title of the film Curve. Ten minutes. They said, “Curve (2021) close box short film, one actor one scene”… and man, were they spot on. Not a single lick of dialog. No other actors but one woman. And mayhem. How? I want to know everything about this short film.

Absent any sort of context, this young woman wakes to find herself on the edge of a precipice. A sloping, curving precipice. She’s obviously been manhandled and beaten up some – but mostly, she’s alright. Why is she there? What can she remember? Was this a vendetta? An act of random malice? Heck, was it just an accident that sent her flying into this location (this question gets answered for us definitively.) WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?

Regardless, this is a fantastic little bit of film making craft. I adored every minute of it. Love to hear what you thought of it in the comments below.

Edited by: CY