THiNC. Movie Spotlight #97

THiNC. Movie Spotlight #97. To open, let’s flip back through a few of the spotlight highlights from the last month or so… the biggest winners of the movie recommendations, as it were.

Eternal Daughter – Looks fantastic. Haven’t watched it yet.
Emancipation – dunno… waiting on you guys to tell me if it is worth the emotional effort!
The Devil’s Hour – Great British TV, grabbed me. Low budget indie goodness. Review here.
Something in the DirtAvailable now – absolutely glorious. Exactly the movie this site was built on.
The Wonder – THAT OPENING! Loved it loved it loved it – review here.
The Menu – Holy COW that was a tasty burger. Read my review here.
1899 – Amazeballs – man, I have to write this one up!

EMPIRE OF LIGHT – 12.9.2022

“Set in an English coastal town in the early 1980s, EMPIRE OF LIGHT is a compelling and poignant drama about the power of human connection during turbulent times, from Academy Award® winning director Sam Mendes.” Outside of that? I have no idea. You know as much as I do. Lot of Oscar plaudits there.

THE WHALE – 12.09.2022

Brendan Fraser and A24. Enough for me.

THE WAY OF WATER – 12.16.2022

Honestly? 100%? Was going to skip this one. But I’d be missing out on the reveal of the decade if I do. This one is going to be big. And, seeing as though I’m sort of diametrically opposed to big… hahaha. Oh, well. I’ll go see what Mr. Cameron came up with. I’m sure it will be amazing. Avatar is still the best 3D film I’ve ever seen technically. And the best CG I’ve ever seen. But there’s a part of me that says, we are literally signing up for an over-produced animated cartoon. But whatever. Let’s go see what we see shall we?

Coming Soon – Watch List:
2022.12.16 MINDCAGE
2022.12.23 BABYLON
2022.01.06 PALE BLUE EYE
2022.01.13 PLANE
Unknown LOLA

There you have it. If you’d like to read more of our THiNC. Spotlight recommendations, you can do that right here.

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